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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Animals And Plants Help To Prepare Us

There has been some interest in the departure of some of the animals and plants on Earth. I will say now that some of these beings are being called home to their times, planets and other places of existence.
When they come to Earth, as I've been taught, they appear in the Earth form that most closely defines their hearts and spirits. They do not know whether they're going to be a fish, a dog or a cat. Their heart and spirit defines their appearance.
This is why sometimes you will see an animal that is acting strangely when it is very young. This does not necessarily always mean there is something wrong with it, it can simply be surprised at the form it has taken. There are other comparisons. Sometimes you will see very unexpectedly a plant growing in an unexpected place - perhaps a carrot or a flower growing in a very unlikely place. At times like this you are often seeing the form of life, defined by its heart and spirit that is new to that form on Earth and very often of a fairly independent spirit.
When a plant form is entirely new on Earth, never having visited here, it does not always feel any sense of obligation to be born amongst others and sometimes then will choose to be born in a rare and unexpected place. Let's all do what we can to welcome the animals and plants and help them to feel welcome. I feel that we are being trained in the larger sense to not only get used to and accommodate a wide variety of beings - as we are exposed here not only to each other and to the wide variety of personalities that we have here - but also to all the animals and plants.
While we ourselves may not do this, some of the youngest amongst us may and that is that someday our peoples will go out into space and explore and meet other life forms of which there are a myriad. Our experience with a variety of different life forms on Earth will prepare us for this. So let's get used to treating these life forms as benevolently as possible and enjoying them for their own personalities as well as the personalities we sometimes project, with the best of intentions, on them.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Seven said...

My wife recently photographed a delicate litttle wildflower in the Big Bend area of Texas. What made this little flower unique is thatit was all alone and growing through a small crack in a rugged rock outcropping!

Robert Shapiro said...

Rick, thank you for your comment. It just goes to show that if a delicate flower, such as your wife photographed, growing in this rugged country can be vulnerable and strong and very definitely an individual that Creator is definitely showing us that we can do this too. I believe that individuality is important just as our connection to each other in small or large groups is also important however it is alright and even perhaps very benevolent to treasure our uniqueness. Thank you again my friend.