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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Finding The Path To Benevolence

In many parts of the world there are holidays coming up, also known as holy days. Sometime ago it was established that these holidays be an opportunity to experience the better part of each other. This better part is the part that drops walls and allows feelings to be demonstrated of friendliness, kindness and so on. This is a good tradition and I feel good about it.
I am hopeful during this holiday time that it will be possible to practice our feelings. It is a good opportunity and a safe time - you see - to practice benevolence. Benevolence is as important as I stress it to be because it is something we all hunger to experience from others but as the Method Actor knows, and the famous acting coach implied when teaching it - Lee Strasberg - in order to fully be immersed in something you have to see the world through that veil.
So in order to show these benevolent characteristics, not as something that is polite only, not as something that is a surface demonstration only but in order to be benevolent one may have to see the benevolence in others. If it is not there, don't pretend that it is. If it is there then speak or communicate to that portion of them while in some cases reassuring them that it's safe for them to feel that way - benevolent to some degree -yes - even if they do not demonstrate it.
It's very important for you to give people permission to not be demonstrable with benevolence if that's important to them - some people are afraid to do it. You don't have to tell them it's okay to not be benevolent because you're afraid but you can be gently demonstrating it and make sure you do not require it of others.
While this appears to be a homework assignment it is actually something designed to improve your perception. Don't project your benevolence on others and see it where it isn't but if you notice moments when it's there, enjoy those moments and recognize that underneath the carpet of discomfort that we often see in life around us while we desire to have support and kindness come to us, we might just need to be that when it feels safe and to only notice it in others and consider it a bonus when it comes to us as well.
This is not meant to be cynical but rather to train you to be the spiritual warriors I know many of you want to be. A Spiritual Warrior is not someone who makes war based upon some idea or philosophy but rather someone who seeds benevolence of their belief system - not the belief system as a demand but only the benevolent part of their belief system. In this way the common ground between all belief systems will be benevolence and that common ground is naturally uniting.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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