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The Wand Position
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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Clarity For Decision Making - Part Two

I hope you've had a chance to begin working on your list that will help you to define and make clear to yourself the difference between what you think you want and what your physical body speaks in its physical feelings of these things.
What I recommend is that you take out your list now and you look at your original list of what you want, what you felt you need and so on and then you look at your remarks as to how your physical body reacted and reorder the list - write it back over again see.
Look where your physical body had the most comfortable reaction - don't judge the list, just look for the most comfortable reaction. Perhaps your physical body relaxed and felt comfortable when you said something. Perhaps some of you even felt warmth in your physical body. Those are the things to order at the top of the list and then where your physical body, when you said something, felt discomfort - those are the things at the bottom of the list. Discomfort would include tension but something like say itching for instance - unexpectedly having to scratch some part of your body - that would be somewhere in the middle just for an example but the most discomfort, tension and ill at ease feeling physically in your body - what you define as being ill at ease - tightness or pain - that's to be at the bottom of the list. Again, just write in down according to that. Don't jump to conclusions.
Now after you've completed that rewriting of the list, your list will probably be in a different order at least partly, and you will see that some of the things you really think you want and might be able to justify as needing are at the very bottom of the list and some of the things you thought perhaps were only mild wants or desires are at the top of the list. Don't move those things that are at the top of the list alright - let them be at the top of the list because that's your physical body telling you that these things are desirable and very possibly things that you can acquire in some way because your physical body not only tells you that physically they're desirable but since your physical body is involved in the creation of your reality that your physical body can draw to you the experiences that will allow these things to occur in the most benevolent way.
Now look at the list and see - there were some things that you first wrote on the list that seemed very important indeed and when you look at the list now and see them down at the bottom it makes you feel confused. Pick one of those things just to practice now and what to do is this - get another piece of paper out. Write that thing at the top of the paper the way you wrote it on your list originally and I want you to write it in at least three different ways or more if you like, restating it - alright - just restating what it is that you want or need, whatever your thought was about that thing.
We're not looking to perfect it mentally but if you can get it in a way that you feel is more clear of what you want but is that thing that you originally wrote about, that's what we're looking for. Two or three different ones would be fine - descriptions of what you want - see - but you can write more, alright. Then we're going to close up that piece of paper for a time and put it on top perhaps or with, maybe underneath the other list and cover that up and put it away for a day or so.
Then not unlike the last time, take the list out the next time. It can be a few hours later or a day or so later, whatever you can do, whatever's convenient - take it out and look at that piece of paper. Either cover up the top thing that you wrote down that is the copy of what you originally wrote on the first list - see - or if it's a separate piece of paper you can fold it over so you can't see it - see. Then read off the items that you wrote below it, just read the first one and notice how your physical body reacts - the same way you tried in the first read off and make notes.
You may find that the rewriting of this desirable thing has other actions in your body. Maybe everything that you read, one thing at a time making notes of how your physical body reacts afterwards, maybe that will still be uncomfortable but maybe because of the rewriting and getting clearer one of the things or more will have a good feeling in your body.
What we're looking for here is to synchronize your mind and your physical body clarity. It is not your mind teaching your body. It is rather your body teaching your mind. I believe and have discovered the truth of this that our physical body actually presents us with physical evidence - our physical feelings - to demonstrate to us what is good for us in any given moment with the most benevolent feelings and is guiding us very often as to what is going to work out well for us.
Get to learn the feelings in your body that are benevolent. If you have a tight and uncomfortable feeling this may not be the best thing for you to do. If on the other hand you have a warm or relaxed feeling this may be a better thing that you can do and may be successful sooner and opportunities can be more easily created.
Your physical body is the connector to Earth and all that is on it and it will give you physical evidence by the way your body feels as to what can work in the easiest, smoothest and most benevolent way and very often in the quickest way. Your body will thus instruct your mind on the creation of physical reality in this way.
I hope you find this homework effective and helpful and use it as a tool when you are in doubt about how to pursue your life in the most benevolent way.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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