The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Being Served By The Littlest Amongst Us Is A Gift For Us To Understand

When you are placing your feet and your body one step after the other on your path this year, once or twice if you like I'm going to recommend you say the following thing and that is this, "I am asking that all those who step on this land after me or come into contact with the dust that I am stepping on be blessed and wizened to the greatest of their capacity in the areas of knowledge and wisdom that are natural to their souls and that they apply that knowledge and wisdom in the most benevolent way in their lives and in the lives of those who inquire of them for their knowledge and their wisdom."
It would be best to do this either barefoot as you walk about in your life or in a leather soled shoe as rubber does tend to insulate a bit but if rubber is all you have then that's what to do. Rubber also means artificial, man-made stuff eh - you know what I mean.
This is the year of blessings for others that they may pass blessings without having to think. It is the year of blessings through the bottoms of your feet. Earth supports us and has over the years created the most benevolent forms of herself to serve as our bodies while we are here on this planet and our feet are what most often encounters the planet first and throughout our lives. This is why the bottoms of our feet are intended to have sacred capacities both in giving and receiving.
If you can do these things as I'm requesting and suggesting you will find that in time you will feel a benevolent energy. You'll know it when you feel it and when you feel it just let it be in your body - it is a blessing but if you happen to be outdoors then you can just walk on the surface of the planet with the energy. That which you do not need or is for others will pass through the bottoms of you feet into the land and the dust or the sand that is beneath you will blow this way and that and because of the elements of creation that exist on Earth will find its way to contact those for whom it is meant or some day nurture some food and find its way into the body of those for whom it is meant. I have been taught this over time not only by my teachers but by my observations. Look to the Mystical Man blog for the story that will remind you of these comments today.
Goodlife and goodnight.


Seven said...

I had utilized this before having read about the 'bare feet' concept in readings about taoism. I have found it is very effective if it is the very first thing I do each morning. I wander out to the grassy area of my backyard, breathe deeply and just try to experience the contact with the earth through my feet.It's one of those "gotta do it to understand it" things. It's healing and peaceful. I am glad you have chosen to pass these treasures on to others. It is very refreshing to have a blog that is not about what you hated in your day.
God's Cheer

Robert Shapiro said...

My friend
As always I appreciate your thoughtful comments and your life experience is also welcome. Thank you my friend.