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The Wand Position
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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Be Careful What You Inhale, Part 2

Last time I was talking about the tension that might build up in our bodies because of our exposure to electricity or electrical devices. This time I'd like to make a suggestion for avoiding some of that when possible.

When you place your left hand on a wall switch to turn on a light, if you happen to be breathing in when you are doing that you might just take in through your left hand that tension that is associated with electrical energy in the wires in that wall switch. You won't take in the electricity itself of course because the wall switch has been carefully engineered so that you are safe when you touch it but the tension is there. What to do about that?

This takes some training and I have applied it myself and sometimes you will make mistakes and just naturally in the course of unconsciously breathing, be breathing in when you're touching a wall switch or other electrical object such as a microwave - touching it with your left hand for instance. So if you do that and you notice a tension build up in your body remember to do your clearing work as you might find here or here but if you're conscious of going to touch that switch here's a very simple thing you can do to avoid that tension.

Either exhale your breath while you are touching that wall switch or stop breathing for a moment - meaning hold your breath. Don't breath in, don't breath out. It'll just be for the very slight second or two that you flip the switch on or off.

That's the simple way to avoid taking in the tension that is associated with that electricity which wishes to be elsewhere since it is a portion of Mother Earth's body and its purpose, I believe, is to move things around in Mother Earth's body.

There has been a great deal of research into what is electricity and it is not my job to explain that here but from my point of view and from my teaching and expertise I would say that it is largely to do with Mother Earth's interaction with other planets, other star systems and has to do with her feeling body.

We have a feeling body of course and so does Mother Earth. We might think of her feeling body as something that she does when she moves portions of her body around as in earthquakes but I also feel that her electricity is a portion of her nervous system which may be what stimulates her to move this portion of her body this way and that portion of her body that way. We could suggest to ourselves that this makes sense since our own nervous system is involved in such communications in ourselves.

I believe that we are in many ways a microcosm of Mother Earth's body functions. Of course we are souls but our souls adapt to the form that is provided for us here on this planet by being made up physically of Mother Earth. This is what I believe.

I am hopeful this teaching and these exercises provided here will improve the quality of your life in the most benevolent way. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Margie said...

Robert, you are a great teacher and what I have learned from all your postings is of much value!
Wonderful post...thank you so much!

P.S I often think of Steve and miss him.
I hope he is at peace.
What are your thoughts on him?

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Margie, thank you for the compliment. I feel good about receiving praise from you my friend.

About Steve, I did check on him after I heard about his passing over and I felt that he was resting, as spirits can sometimes do after a life, and going through a thoughtful review to see how one thing follows another. My understanding is that this is possible if there's been some unexpected turn especially towards the end.

I just checked on him again though and he seems to be alright. He's moved through that time and is moving on with his guide to a good place where we all go and decide what we're going to do next with the help of our guides and teachers eh.

Also just after typing that part I felt an upbeat energy that was cheerful and suddenly saw that smiling picture Steve used for his blog. I had the distinct feeling he wanted us all to know about that. I feel he is really okay now.

Goodlife my friend.

Margie said...

Hello Robert
How very happy I am that you felt that upbeat energy of a cheerful nature and saw the smiling picture of Steve.

Thank you so much for letting me know and I'm so glad Steve is ok.

Goodlife to you too, my friend.