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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Maps And Old Friends

As I've been saying for a time, you have an opportunity now more than ever to see spirits in the sky and more. You will also have the opportunity to see terrain - not unlike maps where the tops or other portions of clouds may look exactly like mountains or rolling hills. You will notice this.

Perhaps some of you already have and then you might get a word or two or even three following one after the other about where this might be and perhaps even when. And then, and this is why I'm bringing this to your attention again, you might very well see a face in the clouds. Don't be attached to it being a human face. It might very well be the face of someone that you might see on Earth - a cat, a dog or something else. It will feel good to you.

Do you know, if you've had a cat you can often do what people sometimes call cats kisses where you blink slowly then open your eyes - and the cat might do that first or you might do it. It is an acknowledgment and an appreciation of each other. If you see that face in the sky and it looks like a cat or a dog, do that slow blink or watch for them to do it - for it may happen.

Spirit is reaching out to us now in many many ways and this will continue on a regular basis because we are rejoining our natural selves and our natural beings are coming to the surface within us. This is not something that's happening in the far-flung future. It is happening right now to remind us that benevolence is the way.

Let go of that which makes you miserable especially if they are memories. Try and let go. I recommend disentanglement for that purpose and you may have other methods.

This future time when we will be in a benevolent world is all around us in opportunity now. Let's grasp that opportunity and welcome it. Goodlife.


Kirsten K said...

I had such a good feeling reading this, Robert. And thank you for the reminder to let go of those pesky miserable memories... : ) ! With appreciation, Kirsten

Robert Shapiro said...

Thanks for your comment Kirsten.

Goodlife my friend.