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The Wand Position
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Safely Drawing Energy From Your Home Planet, Part 1

Some of you have strong feelings for other planets and galaxies. You feel an identification with them and you would prefer that the energies and perhaps lifestyle, as you have envisioned it, be more associated with your life now on Earth.

While you cannot be there in this life it may be possible to draw some of the energy from those places to your now environment by way of interacting with your auric field when you are asleep. You see - it is not safe to influence those places with Earth energy at this time of Earth's circumstances, I'm sure you understand why.

On the other hand it is desirable is it not - to have the energies of those places, which are benign and have such benevolent lifestyles, that it would be good to have some means to connect deeper eh.

So this is what we're going to do if you wish to participate. It matters not whether those feelings that you have are associated with Sirius, Arcturus or Pleiades - any place like that or someplace that is a planet or galaxy unknown at these times but for which you feel an affinity.

It does not even have to be a planet. It could be a place associated with a higher realm as you see it or feel it.

This is what to do. First if you haven't had a sense of a name for the place - give it a name even if you call it, "my special place." That's fine.

Then what to do is to find some physical place that you can go. This requires true magic to heighten the connection. You wouldn't know about this place if the connection wasn't already made you see, so the point is to heighten the connection. So if you can, go out on the land some place even if it is someplace that is not too far away.

Try to find a place where you feel personally comfortable. If there is no such place like that then just do the best you can with what you have access to.

For those of you who have no such place where your feet or some portion of your body can touch the Earth then you may have to do this process more than once but for those of you who can get your feet on the Earth, or some other part of your body that is - such as sitting on the ground with your hands on the ground because you must have some part of your skin you see on the ground in order to do this well, then you will only need to do that 1 time.

I am giving you the method for doing it 1 time but I will give a slight alteration for those of you who must do it more than once.

I will also say that for those of you who must sit on the ground instead of standing or even sitting in a low chair putting your hands on the ground, that in the case of sitting on the ground of course you can be dressed but ideally you would have your bare feet on the ground or with your hands touching the ground as a second choice.

When you have found that place then standing - alright - you will have to modify this best you can for putting your hands on the ground - but standing you do this.

First look if you can, towards the horizon. This can be done either at sunup or near sundown so that you can glance, not directly at the sun but at the light coming up for the sunrise or at the light retreating for the sunset. Look at that place without looking at the sun itself of course and then look up at the sky.

You do not have to look towards the actual constellation representing your planet or galaxy, just a look at the sky is adequate. Then look down at the ground. Remember to look at the earth. Then look at your feet on the ground.

Then move in the following manner. Make 1 complete rotation moving to your left - meaning a spin so to speak towards your left and stop in your original position where you started.

Then say the following words, "I am asking that in my deep sleep state I am now able to connect more deeply with longer lasting benevolent results in my day to day waking life with my home planet..." you say if you feel that or you say, "...with..." and then you fill in the name of your place, "...and that this connection improve the quality of my life as well as to benevolently influence the environment around me."

After you've said those words out loud of course, then you can say the following, "I am also asking that these energies which connect to me in a heightened state during my deep sleep be benevolent for Earth and help my planet that I'm living on now achieve a greater sense of balance and come to a place that is more benevolent for all beings."

After you have said that maintain your position physically for about a minute - your best guess, a little longer is fine but no longer than 3 minutes - again your best guess - don't look at your watch or clock.

After you have done that turn to your left and then step out of that place you have been standing. Turn to your left again and walk away from that place.

It is alright if after 5 minutes or so somebody else walks there and it is also alright if anybody walks through that space because the energy will be benign and benevolent for many minutes after that, so no one can be harmed. If on the other hand no one walks through that space then there will be a slight heightening of the experience for you but of course you cannot guarantee that that will happen.

If an animal walks through or flies through that's not a problem. So don't try and keep people from walking through that space, just accept it as it is.

Next time I will go on with this for a bit. Goodlife.

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