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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

More About The Living Prayer To Insulate And Protect

Do you know I ask the beings that I channel at times for advice and you're never to old to learn are you - not me either.

The other day I asked Isis, who is one of the beings I channel, whether the living prayer with energy that one asks for oneself or for others about insulation and protection as you might find here or also here could ever cause any interference with their career perhaps or other aspect of their life and this is what Isis had to say. I thought you might be interested:

"Now - anytime you request that people be protected or insulated and protected, the regulator in that is when you say, ' the most benevolent way.' In this way automatically what occurs is that the insulation and protection is more like bands of energy.

"It does not prevent good things happening. It does not in any way prevent things that will help the person. It does not prevent friendships or co-operation, love, etc. It only heads off the potential intersections where harm can come, for example meeting a person who is ready to be enraged at whoever is around them, possibilities of extreme injury because of a car crash.

"It doesn't necessarily prevent, say your car from being bumped by some other car but what would be - say in that scenario - your car is bumped by some other car but in a different scenario where you are not insulated and protected perhaps instead of a dent on the fender it would have been a tremendous crash right into the side of your car where you were sitting and you would be at the very least injured or perhaps worse.

"So - I have heard it described by other beings as softening the blow but I really feel that insulation softens the blow but protection tends to place the person protected in between the blows. In that sense there might have been some echo of a blow but the blow itself is missed.

"Thank you for asking. Goodlife."

So, I wanted to bring that to your attention because it's important for you to know not only the process of how this works - and I like to provide you with details when possible - but also that it's always alright to ask about things even if you think you completely understand them. Sometimes they'll give you more refinements - alright.

So those of you who are channeling out there at any level, don't be shy to ask about these things even if you've asked before. As time goes on and you live life they might just be willing to share more.

Goodlife my friends.


Anonymous said...

This was just great, thanks Robert.
I do look forward to your blogs.
Later Dude..........Clorysa

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Clorysa, good to hear from you and I appreciate your enthusiasm coming to these blogs.

Goodlife my friend.

Alex said...

Hi Robert,

I have a few personal questions I would ask you, is there anywhere I-or someone else who would want to do the same-be able to contact you?

Robert Shapiro said...

Alex, it would be easier if I could find you. However, you could if you chose, go to the site I have for MySpace and send me a message or if you prefer, send me a private message using my YouTube site