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The Wand Position
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Monday, July 07, 2008

Further On Insulation And Protection

Now it's important to say a little more about insulation and protection. Insulation and protection works in specific ways. It tends to create a field of harmony around an individual but it will not stop the individual from engaging in risky behavior. It will not cause directly an individual to be safe if they jump off a cliff for instance or they do something that is out of the ordinary for them and involves risks.

It will tend to create however, a field of protection that involves the co-operation of others. The others are not co-operating because of some authoritarianism. They're co-operating because their souls are in agreement to co-operate as long as they do not have to engage in some risky behavior of their own - meaning their co-operation is usually very slight but in total their co-operation, everyone involved you understand, will create a field of protection in general for an individual or whomever you've asked it to cover.

Remember the insulation in general, as you might insulate any object, would cause there to be a lessor experience of a blow or as described last time the blow happens before and after and the individual protected is in between so they might get some reverberation but not a direct blow.

The protection also tends to move the person further away from the risk. It is important though to always remember, and I want you to always remember this, insulation and protection will not keep someone safe if they purposely are taking risks to pursue any goal especially a risk that might be unsafe.

Now, it can help individuals who are in a risky job - say police or the army but it cannot prevent certain things. It still makes it something good to ask for so I recommend that you do engage it as a living prayer always asking for all the energies that are benevolent for you to be all around you and all about you before you engage it - alright.

I will say more about these matters in time but for now I'm not saying too much on this site because I want you all to practice the many things I've put on this site and in my other.

You will need to sharpen your practice and hone your skills as time goes on. You may need them not only for yourself, friends and family but for the global community. So, I know I can count on you to do what you need to do to create benevolence for yourself, your friends, your family and your community to the best of your ability.


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