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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Transitioning - To Trust

Thank you all for your patience. I know I haven't posted here for a while and it might take a little while to get back into the rhythm of things.

I also want to let you know that I'll be easing over - over time now - to posting a little more on Mystical Man and less on this site. I've said a great deal about Benevolent Magic and other things here and I feel that some of the things that I've opened up here - topics that are of special interest and value - can be added to more effectively on Mystical Man.

So I'm not saying goodbye, I'm just going to encourage you to ease over there once I get back on track after the earthquake.

I want to thank you all again for your patience as well as for your prayers and encouragement.

One more thing, there's a time coming now when we will all need to be more co-operative with each other so for those of you who have been missing homework :-) I'm going to give you short homework - not hard but it depends how you look at it eh.

If you want to do something unusual or even a little daring in some cases I'm going to suggest that you pick a neighbor, that you feel safe with and where you feel comfortable, that you don't know and to whom you've never spoken - perhaps there's just been no reason to do so - and see if you can strike up a conversation with them - just one.

I feel it's a time now to make friends in the neighborhood or area where you live even if you don't think you have that much in common - sometimes it might just surprise you how much you do. Give it a try but only if you feel safe alright.

Thanks for reading and I'll be posting again before long. Goodlife.


Steve said...

I know that this post isn't about you, but I want to say I think you are such a great person and I feel blessed to have "met" you in blog land. Good luck recovering from the earthquake, may your and every Hawaiians' recovery be smooth and benevolent.

Robert Shapiro said...

Ilias, thank you for your kind and thoughtful feelings expressed so well in your words. I appreciate very much. Goodlife.

Anonymous said...


I agree totally with Ilias. I feel very blessed to have come across your blogs. I have read and studied your books for several years and they have been an enormous help to me and a wonderful source of information. I consider it a real privilege to be able to correspond with you like this.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rob
I just tried this assignment out with a neighbor in my community who I see on the bus sometimes in the morning. She reminds me of one of my aunt's who is deceased. She said something about getting up so early when it is still dark out, and she hit a sympathetic chord. We conversed about the time change, getting up in the dark, and daylight savings and it's history, and you guessed it, it is amazing how much people really have in common in regards to general sentiments about work, time the weather. I had overheard her a couple of months ago right around Labor Day complaining about how quickly the summer goes by, and it was a sif she was reading my mind, or quoting my usual quips verbatim, so I have been hoping to have dialogue with her all along! I will see you from now on on Mysitcal Man.
Benevolence to ALL
Angel Out

Robert Shapiro said...

Louis my friend, I do so very appreciate your comment. I can feel it is from your heart and it nourishes my heart.
Thank you and a very goodlife.

Robert Shapiro said...

Bobby, thank you for providing the details of your practice here.

It is very useful isn't it, to attempt and to experience such a worthy connection. I'm sure you gave some pleasure to your neighbor as well and to remind your neighbor that who we see is often a friend waiting to happen.

Thank you for bringing that happening about and sharing it here.


Steve said...

I suppose I've been waiting to find my new neighborhood to practice this one.. as I am in the throws of seeking a new place to live. Perhaps I practiced this by the very looking at a new place in the same neighborhood I am now, during which I conversed with people who seemed familiar although I was meeting them for the first time. It is interesting how similar we all are at heart. Thank you.

Robert Shapiro said...

Ilias, thank you for your comment and for pointing out that when one is observant as you are and one has the capacity to notice points of similarity, it smoothes our way doesn't it - into feeling more welcome in the world as it becomes much clearer that we are not alone and that we have allies all around us who think and perhaps even feel exactly the way we do.
I find this very reassuring. Goodlife.