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The Wand Position
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Friday, September 08, 2006

Magic And You

Have you ever considered that the only difference between individuals is our conditioning as well as some very minor biological differences - and what I mean by this is that we all have the same range of feelings, we have the same general physiognomy - granted with the difference between men and women - and we have the same general wants, needs and desires.

One might reasonably ask, why then is there prejudice? Why so many ongoing battles? Is it simply a difference in race - which is largely a matter of visual impact or is it culture which has just as much to do with conditioning as well as one's born to heritage or is it simply that the desire to seek cause for one's problems in external is so seductive - and by external I mean that which is not you.

Seduction is not always considered to be something that is of a value. It is usually considered to be a person to person thing but values are indeed very much a seductive melody. One finds in various groups - to say nothing of old resentments perhaps engendered by cause not just by appearance - perhaps one can say these judgments are understandable.

I am not a Historian but Historians I have spoken to can explain in detail why things are the way they are. What will change it?

In my experience, what changes things very often is magic. Benevolent Magic and Mystical Man, my two most well known blogs as well as published material I have out there, are intending to show that magic in the benevolent way of presentment is the means to change.

I believe that magic has everything to do with who we are, why we are here, where we are from, what we are doing, how we will get to where we are going and how we will be received when we get there.

The reason I talk so much about magic these days is not because I'm trying to push something on you but rather because - given the complicated nature of life that exists all around us these days, in my personal experience I find that magic is the simplest and quickest and most benevolent solution.

Do you know that at the biological level magic works profoundly well. It also works very well at the spiritual level. I grant that in the world of thought that it can always be questioned and yet in the world of physical proof, which I have seen countless times, there is no need to question it. I believe what I have seen, felt, heard, experienced and followed up on.

I will continue to talk about magic here and on my other site, Mystical Man but I'm just presenting it to you again here today because I feel it is important for you to recognize that to recreate the world using the methods that we have in place now would be too much time, too much struggle and definitely way too much competition.

The kind of magic I propose and practice is benevolent and heart centered. That does not mean it is weak and pathetic. Rather it means it is strong and since we all have strong hearts to live here - it is the magic of strong heart and I believe as well as have seen it to be so.

I will continue to contribute to your learning base and your potential all the magic I have to offer.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Margie said...

I feel the magic in the air
the magic of life
the magic of every single moment
the magic of your words!

Thank you Robert!
You have added magic to my day!


Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Margie for your creative ability and your generosity for sharing it.

Steve said...

This is a great reminder for a path to benevolent change and for being benevolent beings. It also seems to me that it is a path to eclipsing karma of past actions.(?) I want to understand more the seduction of values part in the post. Can you elaborate/clarify?

Seven said...

As I was reading I was struck by the intellectual process of claiming what we wish to own through what Peale and others would call 'the power of positive thinking'. It is a concept I trust in. I also trust in the higher power and have seen prayers answered immediately. I am sure there are many similar examples such as these spread across the world's cultures.
I find myself placing the word 'magic' in this context, though honestly I am not sure you are holding the same thought. We give words meaning and then of course the words own power.
The word magic scares many people though I don't know why, only some shadow of a thought in my mind. Such as, if things occur by magic, then Robert must mean there is no Creator, and that scares people. I don't think you mean this at all?
I personally like the word magic and the potential it holds; but of course I might be lying outside your definition? And on another hand, does that really matter?

Robert Shapiro said...

Steve, I feel your question deserves an expanded reply and I will do so here later this week.

Robert Shapiro said...

Seven, magic is of Creator and that means that we are of Creator as well.