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The Wand Position
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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Unseen Energies - What Can You Do

Do you know that there are energies that are released from your body regularly.

It is not typical to be able to see these things but sometimes you might notice it and think that it's a trick of the eye.

It's usually seen in some form of dark color - usually quite dark and may be an abstract shape, might have a geometric form or simply an odd shape that looks like it might even be part of something else.

These kind of energies are not always a bad thing for you because sometimes they are benevolent and loving light beings but other times they are bits and pieces of released feeling that can be seen by those who are sensitive to seeing such things and can even be seen by the average citizen from time to time.

These energies are usually expelled from our bodies when we are involved in vigorous activity.

They are not parts of us exactly - they are usually, as I say, associated with unresolved feelings or even unresolved feelings of others that we have picked up because they are similar to our own unresolved feelings.

I am not trying to make a psychological statement here but rather I am speaking about the actual physical impact of these energies.

Do you know that these energies are often attracted to electronic or electromagnetic fields, therefore they might be caught up - through no desire of their own - but might be caught up and experienced in and around stereo systems or most often through television sets.

This does not mean that television is somehow evil but rather it means that these energies will sometimes seemingly fall out of the television.

Rarely can they be seen but as I say, some sensitive people will see them. It comes through the TV more often than you might imagine.

This is why sometimes after viewing the television for even a short time you might get an uncomfortable feeling.

The old thing that mothers used to say, and even fathers, to children if they were uncomfortable or restless around the television was, "Go outside and play dear - you'll feel better" and the children often did because they went out and played vigorously and when they did that - all forms of energy including their own would be radiated from them and when your energy is moving out it tends to push out that which is within you that is not you that you may have picked up simply because of moving through life and acquiring and being touched by this, that or the other - or touching things - a car, a can, a stick, a tree, anything.

So I'm not going to elaborate on this much more. I just want to give you a suggestion and I'm going to suggest it in the form of a Living Prayer that you might wish to say - it's up to you of course.

I would recommend that you say, "I am asking that all those objects around me in my day to day life whether I be outside my home or inside, whether I be at my work or anyplace where I am be cleared of any and all energies that may harm me or may cause harm to me or might cause me to be susceptible to harm and that this will happen in the most benevolent way for me and all life around me."

That's what I recommend. You'd be surprised how co-operative energy can be and therefore I feel this could serve you and even others unknown to you because of the nature of the request of the Living Prayer.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Kirsten said...

Hello, Robert,

Interesting. I do feel better after I exercise, always have; this motivates me to get on my trampoline or out on the beach for a run sooner than later. Funny thing is I jump on my miniature trampoline infront of tv...!

Thank you, Kirsten

Robert Shapiro said...

Kirsten, thank you for your comment on your physical spiritual interaction. Goodlife my friend.