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The Wand Position
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Monday, July 03, 2006

Enhancing Living Prayer And Benevolent Magic In Difficult Situations

Today I would like to speak to you briefly about how Benevolent Magic can be enhanced.

We have taught extensively here about Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer. Some of you do not fully realize that this is not something that is only of words as in other kinds of prayers or other types of magic. It is also something that works much better when you feel a benevolent energy.

Some of you have this experience now and if you are amongst the people that do not have the experience then seek out teaching on how to experience it which is best done in person but I will continue to share what can be for you here including to simply request that the most beloved and loving energies, beings, guides, angels - if you care to say that and even Creator itself be present to provide you with the most loving energy that nurtures and supports and protects you.

I feel that if you say this once a day for perhaps three or four weeks, even if you have not felt energy before there's a good chance you will even in circumstances that are not always the safest.

Try to find an area or a place or a time when you feel as safe as you can be - say this and try to relax. If you are in a battle zone it may be difficult but it's possible even there. If you are in a prison it may be difficult and still it is possible even there. It is not unknown and many times much more frequent than you might imagine even in a war zone.

So it is possible and it does not have to distract you. You can remain alert and still feel it. It will of course inspire you and provide benevolent support of energy for you and most likely for those near you - sometimes even those far away. So I recommend giving it a try.

As far as then applying Benevolent Magic, you'll find that when you're feeling the energy you may not be able to read or think or open your eyes because it feels so good and you'll want to be in the feeling of it and when I say feeling you understand this is physical - it's not a thought.

So if you feel the energy and it begins to fade, check and see if you're thinking. If you're thinking it might actually get in the way because thought, as you know, can be so very interesting.

Try to keep your mind blank. One easy way to do that is to stare at something that has no particular subject in front of you - like a blank wall or the side of a hill or even a trench that has nothing particular going on in it to catch your attention. If it is dark than just stare into space.

So, if you cannot read to say the Benevolent Magic or Living Prayer as written here then try to memorize this Living Prayer which I've given many times here before but I'm going to apply it to a battle zone for those of you who might be in harms way. You might say, "I am asking that all those beings here in this area be insulated and protected from harm and that all those beings who are causing harm or may cause harm also be insulated and protected."

Now why do we say it that way? Very simply we say it that way because if we want all souls to co-operate, all souls must benefit - even in battle zones all souls must benefit.

It's hard to imagine on one side of a fight that somebody on the other side in another life beyond Earth, in another experience of life and in pure spirit is your friend but this is in fact the case. Still, I recommend memorizing that as stated for those of you who are in service or for that matter in prison.

Now the other most frequent Living Prayer you might say is this - try to memorize it so that you can say it while feeling the energy. You might say, "I am asking that all those beings who need help receive all the help they need now benevolently from all those beings who can help them."

This of course will include you since you are a being as well you see. Beings is a word I use because it covers not only human beings but animals and everything that is alive which is of course everything.

So, that's just a little refresher I like to give you from time to time because it's easy in our world of thought and intellect to get caught up in the idea that Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer are words when in fact to enhance them - energies of love and spirit are most effective.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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