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The Wand Position
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Friday, July 07, 2006

Co-operative Motion

I'd like to encourage some of you out there - we're going to try something if you like - and this is not intended to be a trick but rather another cornerstone in your natural talents and abilities to help you awaken to those possibilities.

For some of you it will be easier than others. For some of you, you will simply find it to be fantastic and beyond your belief in what is real.

It is important however to begin this teaching - and we have laid the steps and even a pathway leading up to it.

So this is what I'm going to suggest - I would like you to observe something at a distance. Let it be something that is completely benign - by that I mean - a tree branch would be good.

It can be in your yard, it can be in a park - anyplace like that and what I'm going to suggest is that you stand near it - you can sit near it if you prefer.

It would be best if the day is not windy or if the area you are in is not breezy - and it doesn't have to be a tree, it could be a bush or even a flowering plant.

First I recommend you say, "Goodlife" out loud to the plant. It is after all alive and goodlife is something that plants understand though I grant you do not all speak english as your native tongue but many of you do, so I recommend - goodlife.

Then wait for a moment. If you feel uncomfortable move on to another plant, bush or tree but if you feel comfortable then I would like to suggest that you simply ask out loud for the branch or flower to move. It doesn't have to move a lot - that's why it would be good if it's not a windy day you see but to just move a little bit one way or another.

It may come as a surprise to you that plants can actually move on their own and yet some of you already know this. If you see a movement don't automatically assume it's the wind.

There is reason behind this and purpose. It is a step towards something else.

If you have the impression or can clearly see that the branch or plant or even leaf has moved - simply say, "Thank you - goodlife" and move on to another plant. Try this with two or three plants and if you notice motion don't simply doubt it. Say, "Thank you - goodlife" and move on to another plant.

That's the homework. There will be more but this is a beginning and it is intended to teach you something that will be of great help.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, rob, for confirming that I am not losing my mind (or what's left of it after living through the late 60's-70's as a teenager!). I did indeed notice one day in my new yard that the maple branches, especially the saplings were, how can I put it, looked like the were waving to me! There was no wind or animal movement, and I suspected my guides were playing tricks on me, as we all have some playful beings (when we're in the mood to appreciate it) around us, huh?!
I will try this later when I am outside (it is so beautiful out today- paradise!)
Peace, and Goodday to ALL
Bobby Angel

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Bobby, thanks for passing on your
experience with this and no - as you know - you were not crazy and I do appreciate your telling about your experience here.

I've had experiences walking up to trees, keeping my distance because they are still nervous around human beings for good reason - but close enough so I could observe them - saying, "Goodlife" and then just waiting - and very often they would move a little bit.

It's a wondrous experience isn't it. Goodlife