The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Truth Perception, Part 3

Last time I talked more about truth detection. This time I want to talk about doing these things on your own.

With truth it is not always easy to tell is it. We might love somebody, we might like somebody or conversely we might be angry at somebody or even dislike them. All these things effect our perception. They're like veils or filters through which we see our world, feel our world, even touch our world.

So this tells you something very important. It tells you how very sensitive we all are. Sometimes it's hard to imagine isn't it, that some people could possibly be so sensitive. You might even think of them as being grossly insensitive and yet we are all born profoundly sensitive. That's why we have all the senses that are discussed, the so-called five senses but of course we have senses beyond that and that's what these blogs are all about including the senses you have and know about.

What I wish to underscore today is that your own feelings can be supported by what your body comes from. Your body is of the Earth. It is nourished from the sky by the sun and supported at night by the moon and your heart and soul are nourished by Creator of course and creation which is the stars, the other planets, all beings including all beings on Earth whether they be human or other.

It is difficult sometimes to know what is right to do. I have found using the method of the love heat works best for me but you may have other means and it is my intention here to give you the alternative that can also be used as I have been discussing. Some of you I know have difficulty in getting in touch with the love heat so that you can use it as a tool of discernment as well as be nurtured by it.

Learn to work with these things without gauging the value too much. I'm not trying to become a font of wisdom for you, rather I'm trying to point out your own abilities that you might work with them and create your own font.

In order to perceive you must learn how to use your tools of perception. Observation and analysis is not enough. Sometimes that which is analyzed is being analyzed strictly on the basis of visual perception and sometimes using technology but technology and the visual are all founded on the basis of human experience and in order to know the truth one must go beyond that to the soul, to the heart, to instinct, to inspiration, to the source from which we all spring.

We do not have to leave Earth to do that. That is with us now and it is my intention to continue to give you tools you can use to detect such truths.

Those of you who wish to do the card exercise using the heart warmth - go ahead. That alone might work for you. If you get heat - alright - or if there's no reaction. You can figure that out for yourself. If you can't, ask me - I'll give you more details.

For now that's enough on this. Remember that truth is not always objective and not always subjective. It is multifaceted so that is why perhaps we find ourselves living in a world of attitudes. The wise person takes this into account. Remember - judgement is not something that always helps but discernment does help.


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