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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Water - The Life That Unites Us

It is true that water represents the passage of time and the breadth of personality and possibilities but it is more than that - water is the connector to all life as we know it here on Earth and it is also the means of unity and unification.

Everyone drinks water or is exposed to it in some way and the water that flows through your body one day flows through mine another day. Therefore water represents the portions of personality that are most felt in each and every one of us as the water passes through us. It also represents the aspects of personality that we need to release and that which we also need to acquire.

It's a fact, isn't it - when we're thirsty we might drink water and feel better but how many times have you noted - especially for those of you who've been near deep water wells - that you drink some cool water from a deep well and you not only feel refreshed but you feel for a moment that life can be better - that life has possibilities - that in short, there is hope.

Water is meant to restore us and to provide us with the potential for building on the qualities that have not only been placed, intentionally or otherwise, in the water by our fellow human beings and yes - animals but also because water percolates through the Earth - has been placed in there by Mother Earth herself.

When we look at swiftly moving water whether it is at night or in the day we often feel a sense of being drawn towards the water. This is not meant to endanger us but rather because our bodies are made up so much of water as well - and since water is the element of Mother Earth's personality that is so pervasive in our lives it is not so surprising that we are attracted to it.

When this happens at night - at times we might feel a sense of fear - yes - and this is because that magnetic attraction to the water makes us concerned that we might join the water and lose our own personalities - not necessarily in a dangerous way but simply be lost for a time.

I want to give you some homework. It is not complicated but it will be easier for those of you near streams or creeks or rivers. Go and sit near it. You don't have to be to close, just close enough so you can see the current and the direction of the flow of the water.

Stand, or if you like sit, near the water and speak out loud - if there are people nearby you can speak quietly - speak out loud all your discomforts. Who you're upset with, why - and then after you've spoken all you can think of take a deep breath and blow towards the water.

For others of you, you can - instead of just letting go of the troubles - you can infuse the water with something benevolent.

You can sit by the water or stand by the water and speak of your happiness, your joy. You will not give it away by blowing it towards the water but you will share it and compensate for those who've had to let go of their troubles. Then take a deep breath and blow towards the water.

Those of you who cannot get to rivers or streams or creeks, then imagine one as best you can.

Try to imagine one that is as close to where you live as possible and simply say if you wish, the following Living Prayer. "I am asking that the liquid of Mother Earth as it passes through me bring me joy, unite me with my fellow beings in the most benevolent way and provide an understanding and a sense of continuity and an appreciation for life and our home here on Earth." That's what I recommend.



Seven said...

You have touched on a subject that fascinates me personally; and it is so well written. You have also given me a new tool and a new process. Thank you.

Robert Shapiro said...

Seven, thank you for your compliment and your comments here. I'm glad that I have been able to be of some assistance to you.
Goodlife my friend.

patrice said...

Dear Robert
Thank you for this beautifull comment about water it was very appropriated for me now because during my recent 10 days trip to Colorado I almost everyday have been attracted to water on a way or another.It was like water want to teach me something.

The last occasion was very moving and even if it's very personal let me share it with you. Was on a trail with my car, 3 hours without anybody around and a very clear river flows on the side. "You will leave the trail soon so come on" I feel. Stop the car and walk to the river."Come in"...Take off my shoes and roll my pants and walk in the flow. "Turn your back to the flow and stand"...Wow! Inside my body the energy flows with the river..."Put your hands in" and let the energy flow from the tip of your fingers"...
Yes, and it flows..."Remember this feeling..."


Robert Shapiro said...

Patrice, thank you for the illustration with words of your adventure most intimate with water.

I believe you have demonstrated by this telling how it is possible to establish a more personal relationship with water - especially water that is free flowing on its own path, in its own direction, on its own voyage.

Goodlife my friend.

samuru999 said...

What a wonderful piece!
I was recently in Nova Scotia
and surrounded by water.
It was the most peaceful time I
have had in a while.
I sat by the ocean many days consuned with my thoughts of
the beauty of it all!
Thank you!

Robert Shapiro said...

Margie, thank you for your comment - and I am happy that you had the opportunity to be embraced by water to help to balance the embrace you normally feel by the land and the mountains. Goodlife.

samuru999 said...

Thanks for your kind comments on
my blog... I do appreciate them!
Goodlife my friend!