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The Wand Position
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Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Search And Promise Of Harmony

Consider the nature of life itself here on this planet. Everything here is working in harmony though it may not always be obvious. How is it possible that with all the struggle, pain and suffering that there is harmony going on?

Through the years, explanations from various philosophies and even religions have sought to explain this and reasonable suggestions have been made of what is the cause.

What if the true cause is that we can and do unconsciously invite a experience in order to assimilate at the deepest levels including our soul levels the outcome of that experience not only in terms of its immediate effect on our life and on the lives of others but the more lasting outcome - how it effects the greater community even in a wide area around us, possibly even the world.

This kind of experience does require a lot of struggle because we don't remember who we are. I believe that beyond this school of Earth that we are all in harmony in a conscious experiential way but here in this school we often struggle and even more often we struggle with ourselves.

I'm going to recommend that we all say the following Living Prayer and ask as much energy and loving heart to be present as you are able. I recommend we say, "I am asking that all those creations of human beings on this planet be influenced by the true love and friendship we have for each other at the soul level and beyond this Earth so that we can express for no logical reason and no need to create logic that love and harmony now."

I am not trying to blame logic. What I am saying however is that sometimes the need for irrefutable proof slows down the progress of heart, love and benevolent creation. It's good to have proof many times but sometimes we just need faith.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Kirsten said...

Hi, Robert,

Yes, I like to believe that I have faith, and I do; however more often than not my "logical mind" talks me out of possible life choices. Something for me to be aware of. Thank you for the living prayer!


Ilias- said...

Often my heart suggests an option, and my mind immediately begins to bombard that option with questions, chaotic endless possibilities of what if I do and what if I don't and doubt. I end up forgetting what the original heartspeak was.. and become confused by all the thoughts that covered it. Thank you for reminding us to keep faith in a world that sometimes tries to talk us out of our intuitions. Living by the intuition has its rewards no?

Robert Shapiro said...

Yes Steve, living by the intuition and feeling sensation does have its rewards as long as we remain true to balance in the physical world and know our own feelings.

I recommend to all to be very aware of your own physical feelings and to take note of how your body responds to events around you or even from a distance. In this way, should that feeling come up briefly, you will know that either something is happening at a distance or perhaps could happen near you.

This is not done by your body to alarm you but rather to train you to become more aware of your instinctual capacity. As I've said before, I will say more about that as time goes on.

Robert Shapiro said...

Kirsten, thank you for your comment. It is good to be logical sometimes isn't it. In fact we are called upon to do this almost every day and yet sometimes we can definitely go over the top with it. I know that for myself.
Take care good friend.

Seven said...

A very articulate manner of expressing faith and the concept of faith. Many call this blind faith, yet I disagree with the idea of it being blind. Perhaps we should say trusting faith?
In any case, this is a terrific suggestion I think.

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Seven. Yes - trusting faith - a comforting feeling that, and a trust built up over time that comes about as a result of mutual respect, appreciation and yes - love. One that is earned and thereby honorable - yes.
Goodlife my friend.