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The Wand Position
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Monday, July 24, 2006

Life And Changes

There is an awakening going on all around you. This awakening is going somewhat misunderstood at the moment.

You'll find that your lives will have moments of confusion in places where you once felt there was an absolute understood predictability.

There are other places where the completely unknown and misunderstood and definitely distrusted will take on an appearance that will grow and grow into something much more comfortable and compatible.

In short, what's going on is a reconfiguration of our daily experience. Many times this will be accompanied by feelings and by physical experiences - very often subtle but noticeable that will feel good though we might sometimes be embarrassed about them.

It's alright to show your feelings. Sometimes it isn't appropriate to do so in a significant way but other times it's perfectly alright because we are, after all - feeling beings.

I believe we are feeling beings first and all else follows. I base this upon the fact that babies are very demonstrably feeling and if you've been around people when they're getting quite a bit older and sometimes don't have the personality that you've come to know them for, they are also very demonstrative or demonstrating feelings - sometimes ones that may surprise you.

I feel at moments like this when we are very young and when we are very old we are not too concerned about what others might think of us and therefore only in the rest of our lives do we learn to be concerned about how we appear to others.

It is possible I believe, to have feelings, to demonstrate them, to experience them in such a way as harmony ensues.

I want to say - goodlife with your experience of feelings as you go through the next few months because you will feel strongly - and others around you will do so as well. It doesn't have to be frightening, it can be a good thing. So enjoy it and see if you can find others who also enjoy it.

It's alright to laugh, it's alright to cry - life will go on no matter what. So I want to encourage you to know that and to trust - life will go on even with changes.

Sometimes when you look at your life you can say and often do, "It needs to change" meaning for the better. I feel that many times during this coming few months, it will be changing and maybe it will be for the better.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Kirsten said...

I'm glad to know that life will probably be changing, for the better, in the next couple of months, and that the demonstration of feelings may be more apparent in those around me, as it's about time I stop standing out like a sore thumb! I spend so much energy trying to hide my feelings from those around me, especially at work in my 'day job', and truthfully am rarely successful in suppressing feelings, then find myself apologizing for being myself (drag). Time for a new job, with similar people who feel free to feel like me. Now THAT would be a positive change!

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you for your comment my friend Kirsten.

Yes, I think we can demonstrate our feelings in a benevolent way when called for but there are other times aren't there - when it is appropriate to demonstrate our feelings just to give other people permission to do so as well.

I grant that the workplace is not always the best place for this but perhaps there are some places, especially in the world of theatre, where such a thing is not only acceptable or tolerated but even perhaps welcomed.

Goodlife my friend.

Kirsten said...

Yes, Robby,

This is true. When I am acting full time I can be more of the feeling person that I am because I'm surrounded by those who welcome and relate to this.

Thank you,