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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Co-operative Motion, Part 3

Now for some of you who've read part one and part two who may be living in areas where there are flooding rains, if you have had some good fortune with parting the clouds then what you can do if you don't mind getting wet - and you will not be able to stand out there with an umbrella alright because you will need to be able to see the sky - feel free to wear goggles and by all means rain gear if you like but not an umbrella - then you can try it.

Go out. Say, "Goodlife." Aim your right hand towards the sky and ask the clouds - alright - after you say goodlife - ask the clouds to part and let the sun shine where you are.

The reason you request for it to shine where you are is that you are asking - do you understand? It is meant to be, in that sense, a favor.

If you have that opportunity and the clouds do part and the sun does shine where you are then you can try this one other time.

If you are successful and the clouds part and the sun shines where you are, then wait for a time and I will give you a follow up on this in times to come.

You understand that we all need water and the plants need water too. This is not to be used to chase the rain away because you want to go to the beach and it's not to be used in some other way that is harmful to people, plants and animals.

It is training and you may not always be successful. You may not ever be successful but it is worth a try and I will build on this in the future as I often do.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Anonymous said...

My Dear rob and gang,
I just wanted to say how delightful this series of exercises is to me! If I am out and about and the sky lookls like it is going to burst, I usually ask nature the devas whatnot, I guess as a lining prayer, to let me get where I'm going if possible before it rains, and if it can't wait I understand the necessity for the rain. Usually nature is compliant, and i feel akin to this arrangement as nature is a friend of mine. Although I didn't have tiem to do part 2 the other day, I will try it agian when I am outside and there are clouds, along with pt3 when it is raining and I'm available. thnks as usual.
Goodday ALL,
Bobby Angel

Robert Shapiro said...

Bobby, thank you for your comment. I am happy that you have such a good connection with nature and nature of course with you.
It is good to be in our world isn't it, instead of an observer from the outside. I feel that our souls stand in line, so to speak, to be able to come here and therefore there is an advantage to Be here.

Anonymous said...

You know Rob, we should commend ourselves for being on the front lines here, which if souls could "envy" they would our position of being physical. We are the ones doing this and turning the tide to light here, bravo, humanity to a job well done (heck, we know it ain't easy sometimes)!
Boby Angel

Prashant said...

I have read almost all books and enjoyed and learned a lot from your “explorer race series books” .
I have some few queries on whatever material is presented especially from Book 2 to Book 7 in explorer race series book.
Let me know if you have any email id to ask these questions or I can post it in benevolentmagic blog post.
My email id is .I anticipate your reply.
I have put a post earlier this week but not seen it in this website.
From Prashant , India

patrice said...

Dear Robby
Woke up at 3 in the morning in my motel just in front of Grand Lake (Col) and it was raining, followed your suggestion and walked out without waiting, the rain stopped almost immediately and let me enjoy a short ceremony I did in front of the lake, even greeted me with a beautifull reflection of the moon on the dark waters just in front of me...
Thanks for the help you give us to walk in Beauty

Robert Shapiro said...

Prashant, if you have questions about the books I recommend you send them to the publisher ( and she will keep them and perhaps ask them at another time. Questions taken from the book material do not always relate to this site.

Also if you are looking for answers to your questions - when I am able to answer these things I will always answer them in the comments section.
Thank you for your interest.

Prashant said...

Thanks Robert for your reply. Your Explorer series books deals with channeling from beings from particles to big creators beyond this universe.
These kind of channeling books from so many beings beyond our creator/Universe are extremely rare.

Are you planning to publish any further books in explorer race series (After Book 12)? I think there will be still some beings
Beyond “All that is “ and others including other circles of creations, which you might want to channel . I am eagerly awaiting your further explorer series channeling books. Let me know your plans regarding these series books.

And Finally I just want to say a “Big Thank you” for what ever effort you have put in producing these Amazing and extraordinary explorer series books.

Prashant Kulkarni
from India

Robert Shapiro said...

Prashant, thank you for your comments. Yes, there will be at least one other book in the Explorer Race series and perhaps more than one along the lines of your specific interests. So I cannot say, since that's up to the publisher and her resources, when that will come out but perhaps communicating directly to Light Technology will get you some kind of reply. You can inquire and see.

I appreciate your appreciation. It has been a herculean effort between myself and others and the publisher to put out the books thus far. I hope we can continue to do so and I also hope that the publisher is rewarded both financially and in other ways for these good works as the cost of putting out the books frequently exceeds the returns. Other small publishers know what I am speaking about.
Goodlife to you.

Robert Shapiro said...

Thanks for your comment Bobby. It is true that we are on the front lines of resolution and then again, we did volunteer - though of course needless to say - we don't remember. I forget sometimes too :-)
Goodlife my friend.

Robert Shapiro said...

Patrice, it is with the greatest of pleasure that I support your path in the beauty way. Goodlife.

Prashant Kulkarni said...

I am happy to hear that one or two book would be coming in explorer series. I am looking forward to read it.
It is sad to know that there is hardly any profit from producing these books and looks like it just a kind of noble service to humanity. But atleast for yourself to recover the cost of producing books (and also to survive), are there are any plans to have your own Paypal /Amazon account where you can accept Voluntary donations. I am sure some of people who appreciate the extensive and high level knowledge provided in your books would contribute to it.
Also in countries like India the same technical books which cost $ 25-$70 in USA costs $ 3-10 as cost of publishing is very less.
So it might be helpful for light technology publishers to outsource publishing books in neighborhood low cost south American countries like Mexico which can reduce cost and increase their profit.

Prashant , Bangalore , india

Robert Shapiro said...

Prashant, thank you for your suggestions. I will consider them and also pass your comments on to the publisher for her to consider as well. I appreciate your advice - it is indeed something to consider.