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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Welcome To Your Capabilities

Many of you have been surprised at the material, instruction and suggestions that are available for you here on this site. Our moving into areas that some of you might think are of the world of the fantastic and yet these are all things you can do. You were born to it. Some of you, in fact many of you have been conditioned to believe either by your childhoods and by well meaning people from those times or by your education that these things are either nonsense or that are things not meant for you. I can assure you, all Human Beings are born with capabilities far beyond what we apply in day to day life.
In my experience I have found this to be so even though I am just a normal person - born and lived and conditioned in my own times and much later in life - in my thirties - I became curious about spirituality and what could be done with it in the most benevolent way and how I could help people - even people that I didn't know and may never meet. What you find on this site now is a great deal of that accumulated wisdom and it is only my intent really to remind you that as a normal person having gone through many of the things you've gone through that you can do these things too.
I know that I am, as you might say, preaching to the already convinced right now but there are some of you who find it hard to believe and that's alright. I am not trying to convince you. Never-the-less, I will never post anything on this site that you weren't born with the capability to accomplish. Don't feel funny if it is difficult to do or if you find that you just can't do it right now. Someday you may be able to.
So for those of you who are really interested and want to try to do all you can spiritually in the most benevolent way - feel free - for those of you who haven't been reading this from the beginning to go back and read it from the beginning. It does tend to progress and build on that which has been said before.
So for those of you who've already done that or who are comfortable with what is posted here and for those of you who are new to this site I say welcome - again welcome. Goodlife.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Robby S., for restoring my faith and hope for Humanity. I, and I'm sure along with many like us, have wondered where the magic of our true legacy/heritage has gone! Aside from such pleasantries as using a smile or please and thank yous, that we have the goodness, grace, and now the benevolence and harmony to truly unlock nature and our own divinity; it is beyond awesome, yet, with it comes the sober resposibility of our thoughts, deeds, and intents to ensure the blessings of liberty, happiness, kindness, mercy, forgiveness, compassion, and the SANCTITY of ALL kind, despite apparent or not so apparent differences! Kudos!!!
Bobby Angel