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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Purifying The Earth Benevolently With Beloved Sun

There is a time coming when many of you will have an opportunity to apply a very benevolent means of cleansing the Earth of much of its discomfort and it will help the Earth and it will also help the Earth to help you.
This is something you can do working with the Sun. The Sun has a tremendous capacity to not only nurture but also to cleanse. This is how I'm going to recommend you do it and I'll give you the exact date that it would be best alright.
Now on that day, and it can be anytime during the twenty four hour day of your calendar where ever you are, I'd like you to picture the Sun in the sky even if its night. Just close your eyes and imagine it okay, and if it's daytime don't look right at it, you know what it looks like.
I'd like you to imagine the Earth to the right of the Sun and to imagine the Earth, which is smaller than the Sun, passing through the Sun from the right to the left and emerging out on the left side.
The reason we don't have it start on the left and work to the right and emerge on the right side is that that prepares a Planet or a Being to experience strain. Often it is what occurs when your Guides and Teachers before life prepare you for life on Earth.
In this case however it's to cleanse, to remove discomfiture, to prepare a Being for a more benevolent life and that's moving from the right to the left.
Now there is no danger of heat or damage of heat. We all know the Sun is hot, yes of course but when interacting with the Sun like this the Sun becomes a purifying energy and it will not damage the Earth or anyone on it in any way.
So to reiterate, picture the Earth to the right of the Sun and picture it (imagine it) passing through the Sun from the right to the left and emerging on the left. This will help to remove a great deal of the discomfort of the Earth and that discomfort will be in the Earth from the very inner of the Earth to the outer and a little beyond the outer including Earth's energy body.
This will help Earth and it may help everyone who lives on Earth as well. Now I'm going to give you the date that I feel would be the best day to do this and that day is December twenty eighth.
We want to prepare the Earth for a more benevolent time. I'm going to recommend that for the next five years on December twenty eighth anytime during the calendar day where you are living, as I said before, that you do this thing as I've described.
It won't take you to long but when you're picturing the Earth passing through the Sun that way, try to let it pass through slowly so that the whole thing takes perhaps at least a minute, maybe two minutes - that's what I mean by slowly. It is best if it takes that time. It can be up to three minutes but it's not necessary for it to be any longer then that. If it's longer it won't cause any harm but it won't do any more good either.
So that's what I recommend. It is something you can do if you like. It will improve the quality of experience for Earth and it might very well improve the quality of experience for you and everyone on Earth.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the exercise and I can't wait for 12/28! I remember readign in th eExplorer Race books that the sun has th eability to heal and transform with it's white light.
Love, Light & Laughter
Bobby Angel