The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Prediction Of Good Things That Are With You Now And Will Continue

Many of you have been experiencing a most benevolent and unexpected change in your life and that experience is unexpected friendliness or kindness from people you either know or have seen at a distance and were perhaps even nervous about or people that you really don't know at all.
This reassurance of the value of life and how you can live it is brought to you entirely by your selves, your greater selves and the total being of all Beings. This is a time now when your connection to all things and all Beings is blossoming in greater benevolence.
It is safe to be friendly. It is also safe to experience friendliness by others. It doesn't have to come with contact or touching if you don't want that, that's quite alright but allow it to be even if you simply nod your head, wave your hand at a distance or enjoy seeing others be friendly with each other.
This good thing you may notice in considering the recent times of your life, meaning looking back. You may have noticed it today. You may notice it tomorrow or it may go by unnoticed, that's alright too.
Life must be reassured whether it be life in children, teenagers, adults, elderly, plants, animals, clouds, rainbows, existence. It must be reassured and sometimes you do your part and other times it's done by others.
Good times are coming and they won't be rigidly ruled by what's been defined as what is good in the past. There will be broader definitions available from the hearts of all Beings to the hearts of all Beings. You can be a part of that - just allow from within or out and let it be as benevolent as you can experience.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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