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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Past - Can It Be Changed?

There has been a request for a special Living Prayer but first I would like to say something about it.
Living Prayer, as you know, works because all souls of all beings are in agreement that this is something comfortable to allow as an adaptation to their otherwise planed ways to live their lives. Usually for most souls it is an infinitesimal adaptation, hardly noticeable - so therefore it is easily accommodated.
There are options that are available with Living Prayer that some of you may not have considered and I would like to suggest an option today that is benevolent and can alter the past, present and future and that is the following Living Prayer and I will give a Benevolent Magic for it too. You might say, "I am asking that all those events that occur and have occurred in my life be altered in the most benevolent way and provide the most benevolent present for me now."
Let me explain the purpose of that short Living Prayer. Many of you have recollections that pop up seemingly out of nowhere though you don't always know or realize the triggers that brings up these memories. Often they are memories of something painful that occurred in the past. Sometimes they are benevolent memories and those are wonderful but other times they are things that occurred - sometimes just annoying things that won't go away. Sometimes they are of repeated phenomena that thematically swirl around one particular experience. Therefore the Living Prayer I gave touches on creating greater benevolence there.
The next time you have a memory that comes up that is prompting you to feel sad or get an uncomfortable feeling in your body whatever it may be, I'm going to suggest that you say something that will cover that. Let's use Benevolent Magic since it is your memory and you can say this for yourself. I'm going to refer to the memory in the Benevolent Magic so you will see how to structure the words around it. You might say, "I request that" - and then you put in here your recollection that was uncomfortable - "be resolved in the past, present and future in the most benevolent way for me now resulting in the most benevolent outcome." Now I realize that may sound a bit outlandish. After all this is something, or many somethings perhaps that has actually happened.
Many times though a soul, such as yourself may have come into life quite determined to learn something and when that thing is learned the soul does not always realize it has assimilated the experience. This does not mean that souls are stupid but rather that souls are sometimes more enthusiastic then your entire being can accommodate given that the experiences are sometimes to much to bear or to stressful in our modern world. So this not only renegotiates with your soul to accept that you have assimilated as much as you can about that lesson but also that you acknowledge that this is a lesson even though you may not understand it yet and that you need to have not only that cyclical lesson change and become more benevolent but also that the stress of what has occurred in the past needs to be altered so that your life can be attracting more benevolent experiences.
It is true that when souls come in they often have lessons they want to learn and they come to Earth in this time to attract those lessons. Souls however are very innocent before life and they don't always realize what can happen on Earth. Therefore I recommend that Benevolent Magic to moderate the impact of something even if it is simply an annoying thing that occurs over and over. I cannot guarantee that this will change you life completely but in my experience it has the potential to create a more benevolent general experience of life.
I do recommend however that you be alert for any annoyance that comes up, just an annoyance that comes up along the lines of that old experience. Not something as extreme as happened before but simply an annoyance - that will tell you that the lesson is still to be learned and it's good to think about what it might mean. Almost always these things mean that the soul desires to adapt and create new solutions that you would do to create greater benevolence or to express yourself differently or to be more confident and to create that confidence by various actions for yourself or possibly even that effect others. So look into alternatives and consider that life here is a school and that school can sometimes be a bit demanding.
Please use Living Prayer and Benevolent Magic as much as you like. It is not to be considered a rare thing that you say once in a while. Incorporate it in your life and for those of you who haven't read about the "Most Benevolent Outcomes" technique, please look at my Mystical Man blog to see Tom Moore's article about how to incorporate his version of Benevolent Magic. I think you will find it enlightening and enjoyable.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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