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The Wand Position
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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Long Vision

Those of you who've been practicing the Long Touch work, I want you to try something a little different today and that's that - go to the place where you've been doing your Long Touch homework if you can - where its been working the best for you and I'd like you to this time think about somebody - a person this time - we're not going to touch them or anything like that - we're going to use some of the techniques you've already learned. It doesn't actually have to be a human being, it can be an animal or even an object - that's alright but this will work best if it's someone or something that you feel good about - that you have good feelings for.
Can be love or can be happiness, friendship or something - perhaps an object that you cherish, really appreciate, something like that and I'd like you to begin the Long Touch. Reach out as you've been taught before on this blog but don't touch that thing or that person but reach if it is a person to where would be about - oh say ten feet above their head - don't have to measure it - just your best guess. If it is an object then about the same amount of distance, roughly, can be five feet, can be ten feet above the object. If it is an animal then about the same thing for the human being.
So you want to touch with the sensation that someone or something is just below what you are touching by a few feet. Then instead of attempting to get a physical feeling for it since you are actually just touching air, I want you to picture that person, animal or thing as best you can but instead of picturing them as you remember them even if you just saw them a few hours ago, try to picture them - just get a quick flash - as we call it - picture of what they are doing in that moment.
If it is a person, most likely you will just see them from the shoulders up or from the neck up or even just their face. They might be laughing, they might be sleeping, they might be resting, they might be eating - it's hard to say. Most likely you will not see somebody eating but it is possible. If it is an animal, they might be sitting, standing, sleeping, anything like that. If it is an object, it might look very much the way the last time you saw it - a car, a couch, a tree.
The point is here that we are going to build a little bit on what you've learned with Long Touch in order to begin to experience Long Vision which I did promise you that I would teach you about on this blog. That's it - that's your homework for today.
If you feel like you want to do this and you haven't read the Long Touch then go back in the blog. Everything that was taught about Long Touch has Long Touch in the title so it will be easy to find, alright.
Enjoy your homework about Long Vision and recognize that the reason I'm calling it homework is because it allows you to expand your capabilities and in this case redefine the word, "homework" as being something you actually want to do as compared to something that you are assigned to do. Try it if it feels good, if it doesn't then we'll have something up here soon that perhaps will appeal to you more.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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