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The Wand Position
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Monday, November 07, 2005

Families Appreciate Eachother

Now today I'd like to give you a few short words about finding home. For many of you home is something that you do not have a sense of at this time. Oh you know what your physical house is. You know perhaps of course, who your physical family are yes - but the sense of home - that warm feeling, that feeling of being welcome and that ability to feel welcome so much that others feel welcome around you simply because of that good feeling within you as it radiates is something that has been difficult to either maintain or to feel at all.
Because of the complexity of society now there is a tendency by well meaning family members and friends to encourage and to motivate to success all those you care about. This has had an unexpected, for many of you and unpleasant for many of you, side effect and that is a constant feeling of disapproval even though those who are encouraging you want the best for you.
It is important yes, to encourage, to support and even to motivate but all this must be done under the umbrella of welcome, acceptance, love and appreciation.
Appreciation is something that is largely overlooked in many family and friend situations. Part of the reason youngsters get more attached to their friends than their family is that appreciation is so readily available and that that appreciation is always based on something that is directly reflected - meaning that the person who appreciates you or compliments you is doing so because of something you did, something you are or something they believe you are so that when you experience that appreciation it feels true to you.
It is important when appreciation is given that the other person that is receiving it feels that it's true so it must be not a demand, "Here - take my appreciation!" but rather an observation.
Observations of benevolent characteristics or at least characteristics that are appreciated often feel like truth to the person receiving them. So my reminder for today is to show appreciation when it is genuinely felt and to remember that it is much more important to provide love, acceptance, acknowledgment and appreciation then it is to motivate success. That's how families are made, not just how families are born.
Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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