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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Welcoming The Rain

Now I'd like to provide you all with something that will come in very handy from time to time and that is this, there are some of you who are living in area's that need rain - granted some of you are living in area's that have to much rain but for those of you who are living in places that need rain - perhaps you have a farm and you might be doing some dry farming than of course you need the rain.

I want to give you some homework that you can use to welcome the rain. It is not a command - after all you are a guest living on Earth, Mother Earth, but like a good son or daughter you might be able to request from your Mother something you need but first you need to know something about how to do the request.

So the next time it rains, I want you to do something. Go outside and stand in the rain. If it is terrible rain with wind and frightening and dangerous don't do that but if there is a point where the rain is coming down but you can stand in it comfortably than go out and stand in the rain and let it rain on the top of your head and on your body safely for you but the idea is so that you can feel it touching your head and your face.

You don't have to do this for long, just long enough so that you can feel it. You want to memorize to the best of your ability the feeling of rain landing on your body. If you're not wearing anything covering your arms then notice that too. Notice the rain as it touches your body.

Try to do this at a time when it is all right - when it is enjoyable. Not if you've just had your hair cut and you're ready to go to that party or something but rather when it is enjoyable so that you have a remembrance of how the rain felt on your body as an enjoyable experience, you see - like that. You want to make sure that it is like that because then you will know how to request the rain.

Then say, you are having a drought - as I say perhaps you are a farmer but you might also simply be a citizen and be aware that there is a drought and know that the rain is needed. Then what to do - you don't necessarily have to have your arms bare but at least have your head bare if you can. If you have to wear a garment on the top of your head or shrouding your head that's all right but the most important thing is to be able to recall how that rain felt on your body. If you wish you can bare your arms or your head if that works better for you.

Go outside and stand in the outside - in the outside world, meaning go outside from your home or your dwelling and remember to the best of your ability how that rain felt. You don't have to say - rain please come - anything like that. That's a thought. In order to request rain - rain is most likely to come when it is requested physically and it will come if it is also needed, meaning that the more that can be supporting your request the better. So if there are plants and trees around and they need rain they will also be asking for rain - you don't have to ask them to ask, they are asking now alright and then stand out there and remember how the rain felt on your body.

You don't have to look up at the sky, you can if you like. Just do that focusing entirely to the best of your ability, without thinking, on how the rain felt on your body. You can do that for one, two, up to three minutes if you like but you don't have to do it any longer than that.

When you are done just say, "Thank you," that's all or you can say, "Goodlife." That's a blessing and it's a greeting and it's also a way of offering - it's like saying goodbye. You could say hello, you could say goodbye and you can offer a blessing - goodlife, you see. It is something that Mother Earth encourages. Than you may go on about your business. What this does is that it supports the rain coming by welcoming it. We all know that we like to be welcomed wherever we go. We like our friends to welcome us and we like to feel welcome even by those we don't know so that we feel safe and secure and can relax and be ourselves because we are welcome. Rain, as part of Mother Earth's body is also like that.

Mother Earth wants to teach you how to live in harmony with your world and this is one way you can do it. Another time I will give you a suggestion on how to welcome the sun if there is too much rain.


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Steve G said...

I read your Benevolenct Magic column and I find it very soothing!