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The Wand Position
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Monday, September 12, 2005

Noticing Your Life

Now, many of you have recently started looking at this blog and can see that it is directly and specifically intended to empower you to be able to experience more benevolent lives. It will continue to be like that, so if you are feeling disempowered or you would like to have greater influence then the steps you find here, one at a time from the beginning straight on through, will help to support you to achieve greater balance. That is the intent.
Given that intent, I would like to suggest something for you to do. We're not going to talk very long today but what I recommend is this, that you choose if you like, to do something that will help you to get clear about your life.
I know that it is very easy to find things that are wrong with your life but I think it is important to start keeping a list - it's so easy to know what's wrong with your life, you don't have to keep a list for that but I'm going to recommend that you start to keep a list of what's right with your life and just put it someplace where you can always get to it.
Some of you might want to carry a little notebook around and write in it. Others might just carry a piece of paper and jot things down from time to time and then add them to your list when you can and others will put it on a computer or some kind of pocket organizer.
Don't discard it, let it accumulate over time and when you're feeling down and kind of depressed you can look it over and see if everything on the list is still something right with your life. Maybe you'll need to change things, maybe you'll need to add things, you might even at times need to subtract things but it will help to see you through the tougher times. It's not meant to be a cure-all. It's not meant to be that at all but it is meant to remind you of some of the good things.
Now when you write these things down, don't let other people tell you what the good things are in your life. You think about it, you look around. You can compare your life, if you want to, to other people but don't have other people lecture you about how good you have it okay. Just look around and decide what you're thankful for - as I said you can look at other people's lives and say, "Well, they don't have that and I'm very thankful to have it." That's all right.
I'll tell you why this is empowering. One of the things about noticing only what's wrong with your life is it tends to accentuate that and you become very vigilant and alert to what is wrong and you become less vigilant and less aware of what is right.
So, I'm not saying this is going to be causing a radical change in your life but when you start getting vigilant and start noticing what is right in your life, you will begin to notice more things in your life that are going well - even little things, sometimes they're the most important. So, sometimes paying attention to certain aspects of your life helps to accentuate them.

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