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The Wand Position
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Thursday, September 15, 2005

New Information On The September 22 Toning Event

I'd like to share something with you all today. There is a time coming up for you on September 22 of this year, 2005. You will have an opportunity to improve the quality of spiritual alignment for all Human Beings on Earth.
If you can make the tone any time of your time on September twenty second, make a tone of aaaahhhh, ooooooo, or nnnnnnn for as close as you can get to four minutes and fifty eight seconds or five minutes and two seconds or in between that - that's the best amount of time.
Of course you'll have to breathe and make the tones as best you can during that time, then it can accelerate the spiritual growth of all Human Beings on Earth to what is called a Creator's Apprentice. What this means is that your capacity to create will be increased while at the same time the safeguards on the type of creation that you do will be accentuated, meaning that you will not be allowed to create as much discomfort and disharmony as Humans have done in the past for themselves and for others. Those creations will not be supported. You will however, be able to create more harmony and more benevolence. Those creations will be supported.
This time will be stimulating, on that date September twenty second, that capability. It will work best if there are 183,982 of you doing it or more and that's already been organized somewhat. I hope those of you who read this do that. If you have any further questions about it, you can go to There's an article right there on their home page.
I want to also accentuate for those of you who may not feel comfortable with things identified as New Age that this in no way interferes with religion or religious principals what ever they are. It strictly has to do with the Creator and all of us and since Creator did create us, I've been guided and inspired to pass on this information as it is something for which we can come closer to Creator.
I know we're all waiting for that time when Creator will hug us and welcome us home but while we are here in this school of Earth we have the opportunity to be the apprentice and as any good apprentice, we must learn many things and do many things before we can actually begin to learn the skills or even learn about the skills that Creator does with such well intended benevolence. Benevolent Magic, this site, is intended to expose you to as much of that as possible and it's intended, not to complicate your life but to simplify your life.
So this short contribution by you and by others, if you'd care to share it, will be something that is acceptably done anytime during your 24 hour day of September 22, whenever you'd like to do it. I feel there's a good chance that we'll make that number. If however that number is not achieved, which is not likely but is vaguely possible, then it will be possible there will be another time to do it sometime within the next three years. You won't have to wait for three years but within the next three years.
I hope you enjoy doing this and I hope you appreciate, I know I have, this new information about what this toning will do and what it will support and what will be the result. Goodlife to you all.


Human Angel said...

Hey Robert - great blog. Keep up the good work my friend. I'm also a longtime Sedona Reader and purchaser of LightTechnology materials :-))

If anyone in the Toronto area is interested in doing the Sept 22nd toning event let me know via base Robert's blog or sedona journal's forum. etc. It would be brilliant if we could get some Toronto folk to do this as a group on Sept. 22nd.

Peace, Caroline

Anonymous said...

Dear One,
I know you have moved us all in Mind this day, and I thank you for your work.

I don't know where else I might share this, so I put it here. I had printed out your online Sedona article back in July and stuck it in my journal to return to.

How much I had to laugh when THIS MORNING, the pages fell out in my lap, and reminded me, "oh, yes! today!"

Truly, Joyful Consciousness is flowing today. I decided, since All is Mind, that as I toned my Ahhhs, I would see in my mind and heart ALL the humans that may yet be needed this day, and they joined their own tones with mine.

In my serene stadium, a Good time was had by all :)

May all be blessed, and you in particular, -C

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Human Angel for your kind words.

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings ertist, thank you for sharing your synchronicity experience and your good humor about it as well as your benevolent comments.