The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Monday, June 22, 2020

Covid-19 and Magics

I know most of you are very concerned about Covid-19 so I want to give you something you can do to help yourselves and maybe others - alright. So for yourself exclusively this is what to say, “I request that my immune system be strengthened on a daily basis until I am able to function in my world in a more benevolent way for me now - resulting in the most benevolent outcome.” 
And for others, or for yourself, you know how Living Prayer works, you can say this, “I am asking that all peoples on this planet experience a surge in the effectiveness of their immune systems and that this results in the most benevolent outcome for them all.”
For those of you doing True Magic, you know all the steps that are involved - alright - and this is what you can say if you’re working with that. You say, “I am asking that the four winds, the sun, the stars and the center of the Earth now come together to create a more powerful immune system for all peoples.”
That’s what I recommend for today. There’ll be more as time goes on. Goodlife


Rapha P said...

Thank you Robert much appreciated.

Shawallo said...

I have been following you for decades. Thankyou so much for shareing with us.thankyou from northern warm our cabins with your messages and love.xo❤

Shawallo said...

Thankyou robert for all your wisdom and time you have spent shareing it with us.. sending much love and light to you..