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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Benevolent Magic

Welcome. I am hopeful that over time as you read this Benevolent Magic blog that you will not only learn of my trust and belief in the value of this but that you will be able to literally, as I have done, change your life for the better.

It is so profoundly simple. According to my experience there are Beings, benevolent, loving, Light Beings who will make connections between all life on the soul level - not coercing anyone to do anything that they don't want to do but only requesting if it is comfortable for all Beings that there be the slightest, and it is the slightest for most people, alteration in their activities, motions, possibly even thoughts that is completely and totally compatible and benevolent for them.

Most people will not feel anything when ones statement of Benevolent Magic is completed but if there is anything felt it will only be benevolent.

The wonderful thing about requesting something in Benevolent Magic is that it can only be good for you and others and if by error or by mistake a Benevolent Magic is requested that is not good for yourself or not good for others it will be automatically, by the Beings who help to link all Beings up in this method of creation, it will automatically not go through.

So it is completely safe to use in my experience and I hope you will find it that way too. Please read the posts after this one and you will get many specific instructions on how to say Benevolent Magic.

There is another matter I want to bring up and that is that I find that for myself when I hear about or even when I come to know about through the news or what people tell me - some event - perhaps
that someone is ill that I know or perhaps there is some tragedy somewhere in my neighborhood, in my city or in the world, there is a wonderful thing we can say.

I have said it and I know that it is more than a prayer - and I know prayer is wonderful - and that is what is called Living Prayer. It is called Living Prayer because it effects the living in benevolent ways and I know we all want to have a benevolent impact on the world if we possibly can.

For example, you might try to say something that would serve some greater good. I would
recommend, as a beginning that you, when you're watching the news, if you can when you come across some sadness or tragedy turn it off or mute it for a moment and then say the following Living Prayer: "I am asking..." (and then you fill in the news event - perhaps that car crash or that sickness or disease and then you say where - you don't have to give all the details - you say where it happened and you go on and say) ..."that all those individuals who need help receive all the help they need benevolently, from all those Beings who can help them."

Say this when you've just seen the news or read about it or heard about it. Say it as soon as possible but only if you have the feeling and desire to help.

What truly activates Living Prayer is feeling. It is my belief that feeling is what is the operative creation or the operative function of our world. Many of us have noticed how feeling dogs are or
how feeling cats are or horses or other animals, that their feelings seem to be very noticeable and of course we all know that our feelings are important too.

Everyone, every Human Being, every animal, and I believe every plant and every portion of Creation has feeling and that this is a form of universal language.

I believe that through the use of feeling in benevolent ways we can truly improve our world. It's working for me. I hope you find it of value.

Goodlife to you all.

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