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The Wand Position
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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Capacity To See Beyond

I'm going to give you a little instruction and that instruction is how to see clearly beyond what is directly in front of you. What is directly in front of you does not refer to a thought, an idea, but in fact what is actually physically in front of you. Sometimes, it will be something that isn't pleasant. How do you see beyond that? This is the foundation instruction I want to give you on a procedure known as Long Vision.

If you can, I'd like you to look at something in the distance. It would be useful to be outside or be able to look outside. Find something significantly in the distance and then I would recommend that you imagine, to the best of your ability, what's just on top of that thing, all right, and in order to do that, the best thing is to look at something, perhaps a mountain or a plateau, but many of you might be near the sea, so look as far as you can look on the sea itself. Imagine what might be beyond there. Perhaps imagine a whale - a peaceful, benevolent whale. Perhaps imagine a ship that is filled with friendly people, including crew and try to imagine what it looks like. This will give you the opportunity to try that. Many of you live in a city and cannot see past a certain building that's blocking your way. Imagine what the top of that building looks like, the very top, not the top floor where people reside, but the very top. Imagine what it might look like. You might reasonably ask, what good is it? In order to be able to see beyond what you can see, you need to be able to imagine it. Imagination is the divine part of the mind, because it can move beyond what is, to what might be.

Now, after you've done that once or twice, I want you to try something else. Look up at your ceiling, all right, or look at a wall on the other side of the room or look at a tree across the yard or look at a wall across some distance. Don't go over and touch it. Not yet. What I'd like you to do is to use the arm you normally use to receive things. If it's your left hand, fine. If it’s your right hand, fine and reach your arm, that arm, towards that thing – the wall, you see, or the tree for example, and move your hand in such a way as it’s somewhat in front of your eyes and move your hand along the contours of that wall or that tree. What you are trying to do is if you're going to imagine that you can touch that tree or that wall. So you are reaching but you are not actually going to get up and go over there and touch it, you're imagining what it feels like. Now, after you do that for a while, get up and go over and touch the tree, or touch the wall. Don't do this with a human being or you might accidentally take on some of the energy that they have around them, which you will not be able to process and which will be uncomfortable for you. I'd recommend not doing this with human beings at all. It can only be harmful to you. In time, I might give you the process to avoid that. Now after you have touched that thing, to the best of your ability from a distance, if you can, go over and touch it in reality and see if it feels, even in some way, similar to what you could almost feel at a distance.

All right, that's Part 2. Here's Part 3.

Go back to Part 1 again, where you imagined what the top of the building looked like. What the whale looked like or what the ship looked like and this time, use what you just learned in Part 2 - Long Touch, and see if you can touch the contours of the whale, the contours of the ship, the top of the roof of the building, and see what it feels like. You may not be able to go there and actually see what it feels like, but this gives you an opportunity to try something that you may be able to use to see, to touch and to feel. This is particularly helpful for those of you who have loved ones someplace. Perhaps your husband is at sea, or a soldier far away. Perhaps your wife is working far, far away or perhaps you are separated for some other means. In that case, you can touch, not the person, but you can reach out with Long Touch and you can touch something near them. Imagine what they look like. Imagine what she or he is doing, something peaceful - sleeping, sitting at a desk, or perhaps jogging, something like that and touch something near them. Don't touch them. It might startle them or it might give you some energy that you won't be able to handle and will be uncomfortable. Touch something near them. Say someone's jogging, then touch a tree that they're going to jog by. You'll be surprised, after you see them jog by, how much you feel connected to them. Give it a try. See how you enjoy it.

Now, if you want something extra to do, something fun, imagine what life is like on some other planet - a beautiful planet where everybody is kind to each other, where there is no stress and no unhappiness. These places exist all over your universe. Your planet is where the challenges take place but it is also where people can grow and stretch and adapt to things that might help you to expand the capacity of your soul. So, let's try something fun with what we've learned so far. Imagine this beautiful planet, picture it as it might be. Then use your Long Touch and touch something there, not people, but touch something and see how you feel. Remember the purpose of this is to see beyond and this will give you a chance to see well beyond and perhaps even touch it. If it feels uncomfortable immediately pull back your arm, but I've put safeguards in place and I've asked Creator to put safeguards in place so that you cannot harm yourself or others. Be assured of that. I hope you enjoyed this departure today from Benevolent Magic. I feel it supports your opportunity to learn how you can function in your world in more benevolent ways and in more loving ways.

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Hmm ... this is very interesting! Thanks for giving me something new to think about ...