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The Wand Position
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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Worry and the Present Moment and More

I'd like to share something with you that I wrote to a friend of mine in Europe. This is a portion of an email that covered topics about worry, inspiration and other:

I want to share something with you that I received as an inspiration. Did you know, perhaps you do, that it is possible to hear from portions of your body combined with other beings which gives you a more personal and intimate encounter with yourself. Here for example is a quote from my heart that I needed some time ago that is apropos to your email, "The best thing for me is to remain in the present moment where I will almost always feel safe and if I don't I can feel the warmth and enjoy what I have now." This of course refers to my worrying about something that I don't even remember now.

You are right my friend that when our minds are attempting to serve us, that in association with a issue that we may not even be able to resolve because perhaps it has to do with others or events that may simply be happening around us you know, just sort of worrying in the background that our mind will engage with worry that our mind apparently feels - no doubt we were conditioned to feel this way by the adults that raised us or others - our mind will worry as a substitute for analyzing and solving. You understand this.

So what I have been doing over the past day or so is to make the effort to stay in the present moment. There's something I do to accomplish that. It's not quite physical but it has a physical counterpart. I will reach around with one or both of my hands and contact a space that's in front of the center of my heart area - by this I mean the center of my chest.

I just sort of reach around and touch my auric field with both my hands or just my right hand or just my left hand. This brings me into the present moment as my auric field is strong there.

An alternative version is to very gently use your fingertips of either your left or right hand and touch that same region in the center of your chest and this immediately brings me into the present moment and when this occurs for me I notice that all worrying stops.

I am hopeful this will help for you my friend as it has helped me. The nice thing about it, as you said that you noticed that you were doing this, is that when you notice it (worrying) you can immediately do that even if you're doing something else. If you're riding on the train or on the bus or if you are even driving it may be possible to do that without even glancing down because you can do it by feel and your driving skills and observation may even be heightened because you will be giving your full attention to what is happening in the present moment.

Now I'd like to add a little more for you:

Now about hearing from portions of your body. Start small - meaning don't necessarily go to your heart. Try your left or your right hand and if you're using your hands then just one or the other.

Move your hand around, touch the fingers together and so on and look at your hand. Don't ask your hand a question or anything like that but ask in this way.

First ask for all the most benevolent energies to be all around and about you to assist you in this communication process. Wait a moment and then say the following, "I am asking that all those spirit beings, guides and others that help me and assist me and guide me that they help me now to receive a word or two that will steer me towards an understanding of what my hand wants me to know."

Wait a moment. You might get a word or two. If you don't get a word right off - don't assume - wait. It might come through just after a dream or it might come through just before sleep. Don't assume that it's accurate right away - write it down and follow this same process 3 or 4 times a week for the next 2 weeks. Then look at all the words you've acquired for that portion of your body and see which one feels the best.

For those of you who feel warmth you will notice that the warmth comes up to a degree for one or more words, these are the words to pay most attention to. Then if this works for you and you are able to take in the fact that portions of your body can speak to you, once you have engaged further with the statements from your hand you can if you wish proceed with the next hand or leg and in time but not immediately work towards inner portions of yourself. The most important being your lungs or your heart.

That's what I recommend for now. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Unknown said...

Dear Robert

I love the experience with the warmth...Feel so good. My cat love it too...

Goodlife Friend.
Love to everyone!

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings PJ, thank you for passing on the message ;-)