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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Seeing Angels And Guides

Do you know that on our planet angels and guides will take forms that are comfortable to those who, on occasion here, perceive them. You might see someone who looks human but there is a great deal of white and gold light emanating from them almost like they're in a cloud of such light and it seemed to be flowing off of them but they do appear to be in human appearance.

Their actual appearance might simply be as a portion of light but when accommodating the needs of our fellow human beings on this planet they will be seen in the form in which we feel the most comfortable.

On other planets a similar situation occurs when an angel or a guide is needed - it's different you see when they're needed as compared to when they simply visit. When they're needed there's some urgency isn't there. Comforting, help with a transition and so on and then of course they take the form of what the beings look like there on that planet...but there is more.

We are not the only beings on this planet and I have been taught and I believe from my experience that we are all on this planet - all beings - ensouled by Creator which of course one would expect since one cannot imagine eh Creator creating anything that is not a portion of itself...therefore it is ensouled.

When other beings, other than humans, need or require the help of an angel or a guide of course the angel or guide will appear in the form of that being.

So if you should happen - out of the corner of your eye perhaps or more directly - happen to see even a beloved pet, perhaps not you own - maybe someone else's, passing over you will often see a light and light effects and if you are very fortunate you may just see angels and guides of light that look very much like the being who is passing over.

There are certain individuals who, because of the nature of their work or because of who they are, might see these things on a regular basis but nowadays I believe that we will all have the opportunity to see these things. Not because there's going to be so many deaths - not that but rather because our abilities to perceive are becoming stronger and more integrated with our daily lives.

So if you do see these loving light beings who almost always seem to be glowing with light coming off of them that is white and gold and occasionally even a little pink or a little light green then you will know that your abilities, which you naturally have off of this planet in other lives and in other forms, are integrating with you now to remind you that everywhere you go there is love, there is life, angels, guides and beloved teachers.

We, I believe, are being reminded of this continuity more and more these days. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Louis Hart said...

This is a beautiful and informative post.
Thank you.

Robert Shapiro said...

Louis, thank you for your comment my friend.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Wonderful tips there.
Really interesting. Keep it up!

Christina Caceres said...

Very nice :)

Christina Caceres said...

Very Nice :)

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Christina, thanks for stopping by.
Goodlife my friend.