The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Co-operative Vision, Part 2

Last time we began by creating a different point of view - being able to see from a direction where you could not normally see.

This time I'd like you to look a little farther away. This will remind you perhaps of our Long Vision or Long Touch work we've done before but the whole point here is seeing at a distance.

Last time many of you started with an animal, a creature of some sort but some of you had to use a rock or a tree. This time I'd like you to look farther in the distance. Remember, don't use a human being and don't use anything built by human beings such as a building.

If you can, look well off in the distance as far as you can see. It might be a rocky ledge, it might be a tree way off in the distance. If it is a bird that you can see flying way off in the distance that's alright too. Again ask your question, "Is it alright if I look from your perspective to see what you see?" Then do that.

You understand this is something where we are using your imagination. In a way you're making your best guess of what you would be able to see if you were there but you're also working with the rock, the tree, the bird or whatever being you're engaging with. This is a form of co-operative vision - something we're studying here now.

Again look in the general direction where you might be so you could imagine seeing yourself from a distance or seeing the terrain around you or somewhere near you. As I say, look where you may be.

After you have done this work looking at yourself from a distance that way then we will go on in part 3 to do a little more but what I would like to suggest is that you do this from at least two or three different positions so you can see yourself and your surroundings at a distance.


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