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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Practical Compassion

This is a time of great compassion. The Earth is at a point now where she can no longer take on our excess feelings or even the excess feelings of animals or plants.

While there are many people there are less by far animals and plants. Still people require more care since the animals and the plants are not here to learn anything, they are simply here to offer support and nurturance for us and guide us through inspirations when we are able to take them in.

Given that Mother Earth must now apply her compassion to herself and to heal her own body - this is why so many of us are becoming more compassionate.

Let me explain what I mean by that. Many of us have begun to feel the feelings of others - I have mentioned this before. This is not simply a momentary thing where we "feel for others" but at times we take on and process the feelings of others.

I feel it's very important for you to know that should you get momentarily upset and even in your rational mind you are unable to place a reason on that or the reason you have picked does not make sense - be aware that many times you will act out, get upset you understand, get frustrated beyond the point of the stimulation you are experiencing in that moment or generally feel excessively full of feeling for something that seems well beyond the stimulation of the moment.

Perhaps it is something theatrical that you normally feel moved by or that you normally find amusing but in this case you suddenly feel as if you need to cry - maybe you do cry or you laugh almost hysterically. At moments like that don't question your sanity, the moment will pass quickly.

What you are doing is - that there is someone - possibly near you within a hundred feet or so, possibly a member of your own family or friends - if so don't say anything to them about it, possibly someone you don't know and have never met but are simply within that hundred feet or so of you for whom you are releasing through this momentary processing some overwhelming feeling that for one reason or another they simply cannot process and when that moment passes, it might just be a few seconds - perhaps a few minutes or even a little longer, that will be that.

You may never process that for them again or anything for them again - they might be simply passing by on the street or driving by on the highway but it may come up again.

You may find that this is something that is annoying at times, at other times it will be just a minor annoyance. If however you know about this you'll recognize that that was a moment of passing compassion for which you do not know nor do you really need to know, if you understand this or have read this, what that was about.

Some of you have been having this for a long time. You are weeping the tears felt by peoples all over the world or you are laughing excessively for those who are unable to laugh for some reason - and all the feelings in between.

This is not an excuse to excuse some excessively destructive or self destructive behavior on your part for that is not what is going to happen. It will always be something that you can do safely. You will not suddenly burst into tears in some important meeting. You will not laugh hysterically in front of your children and scare them - it will not happen like that. It will always happen in moments where you can do something safely.

I just felt that you needed to know this now because Mother Earth's compassion is at her limits for how she can express and feel for us and she must express and feel for herself. Therefore we are taking on some of her work.

We are after all here to learn patience and compassion and a few other things as the human race that will enable us to be more wise, be - in time more stable and be yes - more loving on a practical physical level that nurtures and supports us all in the most benevolent way.

One of the ways to practice these things is to actually do it. Reading about it in articles like this is helpful but since you are having this experience now I felt it was important to bring this to your attention.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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