The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Friday, July 06, 2007

More On Dreams

It has come to my attention that many people are needing to experience certain aspects of benevolence that are evasive now.

Have you noticed that dreams are more troublesome? This is because some individuals are reaching out into dreamworld to ask for help. So I want to give you a benevolent magic you can say that will support more calm dreams for you and also support those who need help so much they are unintentionally reaching into other peoples dream consciousness states to ask for help.

Now this is what to say - I recommend you say, "I request that I have comfortable and peaceful sleep and if I am needed to support other peoples lives that I be allowed to do so in the most benevolent way for me, resulting in the most benevolent outcome."

Now as you can see that is a benevolent magic for you but there's a follow up. Wait about 5 minutes after you say that - alright - then say the following living prayer - which you can say at any time that you have a dream that seems a bit unsettling even if you wake up in the middle of the night or if you recall it during the middle of the day.

You might say, "I am asking that all those beings all over the Earth receive all the help, love and support that they need now from all those beings and people who can help them." That's what I suggest. Work on it a bit over the weekend.


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Unknown said...

Dear RRRRRoeooo,
I really loved your two prayers...It's exactly what we do all the time...In our case it's part of our biology as you know. I feel all humans too but they forgot it. Thanks for helping them get back to the trail...(in fact they never got out of it, they just got distracted by useless thoughts)...
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...Dear friend...