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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Your Eyes And Your Soul

One often sees in dramatic movies, especially old ones or ones done on a budget eh, that a character or even a cartoon has eyes that glow in red and of course we accept the fact that this is artistry done for effect but are there ever any occasions when real beings that we interact with on a regular basis - a dog or a cat for instance or others - might have eyes that glow red in the dark, off a reflection or very briefly with a look like a glance.

Contrary to popular belief nowadays this does not mean that the purpose is some kind of evil doing in the case of a natural being especially - and by a natural being* I mean one who is here on Earth to be themselves - not here to learn anything in particular - by learn anything I mean that their souls have not come here to learn unlike all of us humans eh. We've all come here to learn and Creator has provided for us many opportunities to do so eh. Sometimes we don't like the opportunities and other times we do :-)

I'm going to pick a moment or two that some of you might have seen especially associated with an animal that is often misunderstood. Occasionally cat's eyes will be seen as red briefly. I'm going to tell you now exactly what that means.

There is no evil connotation whatsoever. If a cat say is in the dark or in a dark spot or you glance at the cat at just the right angle you might see them with this reddish eye and that is because at that moment the cat is totally and completely grounded in Mother Earth physically and the color of Mother Earth especially her stone - if you could see the color and many of you can see these colors - is red. Red in that color for Mother Earth has to do with vital physical energy.

So, I'm bringing this to your attention because sometimes what is fictional can seem to be factual if one is uncertain about who they are, where they are from, why they are here, what they are doing and other such questions that cause us to ponder about life.

There are other situations where you might see someone's eyes in a different color. Sometimes you will be riding with somebody in a car, on a bus, in a train, on a plane or even just sitting with someone that you know well or that you don't know at all and you will glance quickly in their direction and their eyes are a color that doesn't make sense. For instance they might seem to be purple or if you know them, briefly their eyes might seem to be blue or they might seem to be black and this is not so unusual unless the person's eyes are not that color and you know it for a fact. Always this has to do with their soul interacting with something.

In the case of a human being whose eyes are a color other than blue, if seen as blue in that split second that you glance at them their soul is often interacting with the star system Pleiades or sometimes connected to the sea.

This can also occur if someone is very fond of the sea or sailing or something that one does on the sea and therefore one can "show" that color briefly and if you're fortunate you might catch it and see it. But if the persons eyes are perhaps blue all the time, to give another example, and you glance over at their eyes and they appear to be black - all black - then this often has to do with their soul interacting in deep space with other beings or at the very bottom of the ocean or inside the Earth in the most benevolent way with beings who live in such locals.

Another time where you might see that dark color in someone's eyes, though their eyes are a different color, is when they are recalling in that moment and deeply connected to - in that second, often a split second - to a dream they had.

In the case of dreaming this connection that turns the eyes briefly, and usually seen when I say briefly from the side alright - then that color, is because that color is associated with the mystery of dreams.

I'm bringing these things to your attention because anomalies associated with the eyes of an individual can often be a source of distrust or superstition or worse yet - prejudice.

So, it is with the world - it is with spirituality. Never assume and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

* Animals for instance.


Alchemille said...

Thank you for bringing this up.
There have been a few times when I looked in the mirror and it seemed that my eyes weren't mine, the color was different and my energy felt different.
This would explain that...

Robert Shapiro said...

Thanks for sharing that Alchemille.