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The Wand Position
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Friday, July 24, 2009

The Fine Art Of Forgiveness And Letting Go

There are quiet moments that we have at times eh. Things settle down and in these quiet moments sometimes that which we have not known or understood well or that which seems to be one way absolutely and not the other settles into a different pattern where forgiveness and allowance live.

In this position where forgiveness and allowance live it's often easy - or at least easier eh - to let go, let be and allow.

This does not mean that we discard our discernment or we do not offer constructive criticism when we are asked not when we are not asked. It does however mean that in those moments of stillness we can forgive ourselves for making repeated errors, as we may feel, or for stimulating wrath in others - we may feel.

But then we also have to consider perhaps there is other reasons for these things. Perhaps we didn't really stimulate that wrath. Perhaps we were just the last straw.

I'm going to give you some homework. Its been a while since I've posted to Benevolent Magic but I'm going to give you a little homework now. That homework is to reach for those quiet moments.

If they do not present themselves then make sure you have one every day. Not just in the bathroom, not just in the bath but something you have scheduled. For most of you the most easy time will be before bed or just before sleep.

In that quiet moment ask yourself, "Do I need to let go, do I need to allow, do I need to forgive?" If so start like this. First do the letting go exercise if you can as you can see here or read there and if that is not it then I recommend you say this - first asking for all the most benevolent energies that are available for you to be all around and about you. Then say, "I am asking that I have the capability to forgive myself for being fearful and to forgive myself for being angry based on that fear and to forgive all beings including myself for actions that were regretted. I am also asking that others be able to forgive themselves for these same things and that the result be the most benevolent outcome for all beings."

Then focus on forgiveness. Imagine it if necessary. If you cannot imagine it then play out a scene in your head where you forgive somebody or where they forgave you and you felt better.

In these times where there is so much confusion and so much challenge it is important to remember that love is not only what holds us all together but what binds us into one unit.

It will be alright. Do the best you can as you get through these times and we will meet again surely, if not immediately then in worlds to come. Goodlife.

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