The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mother Nature is Prepared to Help You

Some of you have been wondering how to handle the extremes of day to day life. Sometimes you're put into a position where you know you're supposed to express happiness, perhaps at this or that social event, and other times you know you're supposed to express seriousness and you don't always feel serious.

In this day and age so much is expected of the individual that we were not trained for. Times are changing but people at their core remain essentially the same.

So I'm going to suggest a couple of things. One - when you feel that you've just had too much and can't take it anymore, find a big tree - alright? It has to be a tree that's really quite old and sturdy, been there for a while kind of tree you know, not a young tree or if there's not a lot of trees where you are there might be a mountain or something close to a mountain - okay - as long as it's not man-made and part of nature - okay?

Then this is what to do. Just go out or get as close as you can to that tree or that mountain and look at a portion of it where as far as you know there's nothing man-made.

So if it's a tree but there's wires nearby look at some part of the tree where there are no wires but don't go up and touch the tree. Same thing about the mountain. If you know there's houses on it don't go and stare at that part. I've brought this up before but I need to bring it up again. And just, while you're looking at it, take 10 deep breaths slowly not quickly and just exhale naturally.

I've used this before when I've spoken about the sun in order to give you energy but I'm bringing this up now because the social demands of life sometimes either catch us unawares or put us into a position that's awkward for us and we just need some extra energy or something to calm us.

Of course you can't rush out to your tree very often when these social instances take place but here's what you can do. Once you've had that experience once or twice with the tree or the mountain you can close your eyes for about 30 seconds - you see - and during that 30 seconds even if you're in a crowded place where you're safe alright - an office, something like that, just turn away from everybody.

It's alright if you're facing your computer or whatever you need to face and if you can close your eyes for a moment - that 30 seconds or so - imagine that tree and try to remember exactly where you were standing and how you were standing. Remembering that situation as best you can breathe in and out again. Not deep breaths where you are puffing. Just remember how you did it before and be conscious of your breath in and out.

If it was to get extra strength such as looking at the sun or if it was to become calmer and more grounded such as looking at the tree or the mountain then this will help.

So you see very often, as I've said before, one thing is built on another and one thing leads to another. Goodlife.

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