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The Wand Position
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Friday, October 31, 2008

A Special Clearing For Halloween

For those of you out there who feel a little bit overwhelmed by Halloween and some of the energies that circulate around that holiday time I'd like to suggest a clearing. I have put types of clearing up here before but this one's a little different.

It is something that you can do that engages with the sky and with the moon. It's not exactly a true magic but it's a form of purification that can be done quickly if needed. I do recommend that it is done however during the daytime ideally when it's clear and the sun is out but if it's cloudy and even rainy you can do it but please do it during the day for the best effect.

I recommend you go out and stand on the land someplace, not on pavement, and preferably without rubber soled shoes or plastic soled shoes. You can use leather soled shoes if you like. Then standing on the land look up towards where the sun would be but close your eyes alright, and glance in that direction. If it's very cloudy you can glance in the direction with your eyes partly open if you choose.

Then close your eyes and look down at the ground and picture the moon, even though the moon would not likely be out you can picture it in your imagination, and then while imagining the moon take a deep breath and blow firmly towards the ground where you are picturing the moon.

Make sure that when you blow you miss your feet and that your breath is not aimed towards anything but the ground and definitely not towards other people or animals. This is only to be done in this fashion if you are able to imagine the moon in your minds eye.

If you are unable to imagine the moon, as some people have a hard time picturing, then you can blow firmly towards the sun with your eyes closed.

This will help to clear some of those energies that are uncomfortable that may be associated with excesses or disagreeable energies from Halloween. Goodlife.


Anonymous said...

Hello Robert, After another period of growth in my life .I am in a place I need to be. I only wish it wasn't so painful ending my relationship with my partner of 10 years. I saw the benevolent signs and dreams over the last year to realize . Creators dream paintings do come true. I am starting over on a new journey of love and support. That with many I've touched and contacted over the year.That being aware that your out of balance only signifies that creator over a time wants us in balance. There was a price but that is the reason for balance I feel.I have limited access to read your post and others but I will try to stay in touch. Gifts are always comming to me and all . Your Devoted Reader, Vince

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Vince. I am hopeful you will make it through this time and transition in the most benevolent way for you.

I recommend you ask for the most benevolent energies available for you now to be all around and about you and then pause. After that I recommend you say, "I am asking that I be able in the most benevolent way for me to move through this time of transition in a way that is benevolent for all beings and that the result of this transition I am passing through result in the most benevolent outcome for me."

This is what I recommend you say now Vince. You only need to say it once so pick your moment and say it when things are as calm and quiet as possible and you can relax into the good feeling that will follow. Goodlife.