The Wand Position

The Wand Position
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Friday, August 01, 2008

Inviting Your Desired Capabilities

When attempting to image a capacity that you would like to acquire even if it seems to be fantastic or impossible there are ways to bring about some form of what it is you are attempting to create.

Oh you can create a picture with an image and see yourself in it - that's fine. You can experience the feelings of being in that imagined situation but there is one other way that you can help to bring that about aside from striving for it in a grounded practical way but it will require something that is a little out of the ordinary.

For those of you living in a city it may be difficult but if you are either living in the country or can get out to the country this is what I recommend.

First of all once you arrive there try to have something to wear on your feet that is not insulated unless you are in cold country - then wear what you must - but if you are someplace warm then either go barefoot if it's safe or wear something on your feet that's not insulated - no rubber, no plastic - you understand.

Then find a place on the land, preferably in a national forest or someplace where you have free access. Possibly a beach but if it's a beach it must be relatively deserted - meaning no one within 50 to 80 feet of you.

Then ask for all the most benevolent energies that are available for you to be all around you and all about you.

Then move into a position where your feet are facing the north and are about two and a half feet apart. Put your arms down at your sides with your palms touching the sides of your body. Look straight ahead into the distance.

It would be best if there is no thing there that is man-made that you can see. No cars, no houses - nothing. No boats if you're at the beach.

If there are things like that you can turn slightly. If you are facing the north you can turn 15 to 20 degrees in either direction - meaning lets pretend that the north is 12 o'clock on the clock. You can stand at 8 minutes to 12 or 8 minutes after if that will help to be staring straight ahead with nothing man-made in front of you. If there are man-made things in front of you no matter what then find a different place.

Once you have found that place and assumed that position then this is what to do. First look down at the ground. Then look up at the sky. If the sun is bright make sure you're not looking at it.

Then look straight ahead again and say these words, "I request that my fondest desires be fulfilled for me that I may do actions in the most benevolent way to bring about the most benevolent outcome for all beings in the ways which I desire."

You know you cannot do these things and the magic will not work if you are striving to do harm to yourself or others. It can only be done to bring about benevolent possibilities in benevolent ways.

After you have said those words, that I've printed above in quotation marks, stand up straight with your feet closer together in a comfortable position still facing that direction and close your eyes.

Rest there for a few seconds - 10, 15 - whatever feels best. Then take 1 step to the left and 1 more step to the left in the same direction you are going. Then turn and walk away - turning to your left, rotating you understand, to your left and walk away and continue on with your life.

I will from time to time give you other means to attempt to acquire some form of what it is you are trying to achieve even if it is not possible but I will never give you things to do that will allow you to do that which is not recommended for human beings - such as jumping off a cliff and pretending that you're going to fly. You can set that one aside though you do it very often in your sleep state and that's why sometimes people get the idea they can do it when they are awake in their physical bodies. I know you know this but it's important to remind you.

There will be in time other things I will share with you here on Benevolent Magic but this was a short one today to utilize true magic to help you to acquire the skill set you desire to improve the quality of your life and the lives of others around you.



Alison Jane Lysakowski said...

i tried going to that website you left me a link to on my page, but everything seemed to cost money...

although i haven't been commenting lately, i have been reading most of your posts and they are always a source of inspiration.

do you read mine?

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Alison. I am not surprised that such a valuable service does charge money but I feel that their charge is very small for the amount of work that they do. Nevertheless, I have found another service which may offer you some assistance at no charge but it's up to you of course:

I have found that my time is such that I am not able to read some things that I might otherwise read but there is another factor.

Generally speaking I do not read peoples blogs if they are in any way spiritual as I have noticed yours are. This is not because I don't approve of them but rather it is because I try to keep myself as clear as possible and focused on my own work.

I am not saying that this is something that everyone ought to do. I am saying that it is something that I have been guided to do in order that I might bring through material and inspirations for books, articles and other outlets that are as unaffected by other peoples inspirations, ideas and thoughts as possible. This is sometimes a sacrifice on my part for there are many things that I would be interested in reading and your question has allowed me to expand on the whys that I don't read many things.

I hope it is helpful to you to know this - though it might simply seem to be a longwinded explanation it is a fact of my life.

I wish you well. Goodlife.

Anonymous said...

Hello Uncle Bob,

This is off topic, but I am interested in buying your book 'Walk in', but I can't find any reviews about it.

Could you possibly give us a brief synopsis?

Thank you and Good Life.

Steve N (UK)

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Anon. The Walk In book is very thorough. It does not attempt to cover areas of the topic that others have covered well but it does cover areas that have been covered less.

However I cannot tell you much more about it at this time since I'm waiting for the book to be released. If it has been released it's news to me.

This is a question for you to ask the publisher because it is entirely up to the publisher, as any author knows, as to when the book is going to come out. So I'm afraid I don't have much more to say. I am hopeful it comes out but it's up to the publisher.

Light Technology is not a big time publisher with tons and tons of money. Small publishers do the best they can and bring out books when they can and a book like the Walk In book has been delayed numerous times because we keep adding new material to it. We're trying to make it as thorough as possible so that's why the delays.