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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Our Heightened Sensitivity

Do you know there's been a change recently? Everyone on the planet, all human beings, have had their sensitivity level increased on the average of from 4% to 10%. Now how will you know that.

For one thing you will all notice that when people say something to you that is complimentary you'll feel it more. You'll have a sense in your body of the value of it - not as a thought, not as something you analyze but you'll genuinely feel it.

Equally if you are criticized and whether warranted or not it will be hard to take. That's why I want to give you some advice here.

It is in the nature of our societies on the planet that there is a tendency to be overly critical and frequently there are not enough compliments to go around but we can change that.

I'm going to recommend that when you see something that you like in someone and you know that person or you see something that you feel good about - perhaps a change they have made in their appearance or in their behavior if you feel it's alright compliment them. Don't make it a backhanded compliment like a joke that is not a genuine compliment.

It's safe - you can be safe to say, "I like the way you did that job - well done" or, "That's a new shirt isn't it - looks good on you" or something along those lines. To a youngster you might say, "You've done that well. I always knew you had that capacity. I've seen it in you many times and there it is. What a fine job you've done. Good for you." Don't say, "Keep up the good work." That's an example of a compliment that comes with heavy chains.

In the past we've thought that that was a good thing but I'd like to suggest that it actually is a type of thing that can enslave a person. Oh I know it doesn't seem to be a big deal but how many times have you striven for something that didn't actually feel right but you had to do it. "I've just got to do it," you say but if you pin yourself down or somebody asks you why - often you come up with, "I don't know." Maybe you're serving something from the past.

I'm not saying that everyone who says, "Keep up the good work" is binding you to something. Rather I am saying that it's alright to compliment a person but only if you feel it is so - what they are doing that you approve of.

Remember, with everyone this sensitive now and that sensitivity level will be increasing it's important to recognize it in yourself. Not to control it - that will not be possible. Worse yet it could come out in some other way - boil out you understand. You don't want it to come out as anger if it can come out in a good way.

With everybody this sensitive we are likely to begin to notice things that are there. What the animals are doing, how the flowers smell and things that need to be corrected - pollution, etc. Things that seemed far away from us will be more noticeable now.

Learn to embrace your sensitivity. In that light I'm going to suggest the following living prayer. I recommend - if you'd care to say it that you say, "I am asking that all those portions of me that have been underfed that with my now sensitivity I become aware of and compliment, thank and otherwise appreciate those portions of me and compliment, thank and otherwise appreciate in the most benevolent way that which I have missed seeing that is of great value in other people, places or things."

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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