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The Wand Position
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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sweets And Receptivity

Did you know that when you eat sweet things it makes you more receptive. I think that that is something that we all know at a certain level and that is an established fact in certain places and it's true. People have studied this extensively - certainly candy makers and others but it is a important fact to be aware of and I'm going to tell you why.

Do you know that when you watch television and eat sweet things that the chances of your taking in an energy - a stray energy perhaps that's passing through the electrical circuits or a message on the TV that you might not necessarily like - you might take that in to your body and your body not knowing that it's any different than anything else will attempt to process it.

So - suggestion, lets just keep it simple eh. When you're eating sweet things I recommend that you do not have the television on or that you're not near it and that you try to have the energy and the atmosphere around you as calm, friendly and pleasant as possible. That's my recommendation.

Just something short today. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert. Thank you for this information. I LOVE sweets and I never knew about the energy connection with TV, so now I will stop.

Goodlife, Robert, Goodlife!

Patrice said...

Better to stop TV and enjoy sweets than the contrary... I personally feel sweets help me connect directly with my gentle self and I am sure that's one of the best places to be for all of us. Don't we use the world "sweet"to describe something or someone very sensitive or gentle. I also imagine that from such a place of sweetness we are able to connect with all the sweet hearts beating in this universe...
I don't mean we have to over eat sweet stuff, but when I bake cakes or cookies at home (and I do it quite often) the whole house has a smell of bliss...

Goodlife sweethearts!

Robert Shapiro said...

Patrice, thank you for commenting directly to Anonymous. I appreciate and I do also appreciate your wisdom and knowledge in the fields of culinary arts and their spiritual affects.

Goodlife my friend.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Robert & Patrice. Actually, I was talking about giving up sweets in front of the TV. With my nickname being Sweetie and my love of sweets, I would never be able to give up sweets. Gurumayi Chidvilasanda often gave out sweets as prasad, a blessing. Flexibility is key to our survival on Mother Earth. Everyone is on their own path, at their own speed, making decisions that best suit themselves for their own growth. Letting people discover what they need to awaken in their own time and space is true wisdom, coupled with patience, and also a spoonful of sugar. Goodlife!

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Anonymous for your truly wise, personal and genuinely sweet comment. I appreciate very much and I would add that your suggestion for patience is also a very wise and worthwhile hint that others might benefit from.

Remember everyone, it is not for you to compare yourself to others. Rather it is best to look towards your own resources, look towards your own sense of who you are and honor yourself as well as your life, your family and those around you.

Goodlife my friends.