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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Here's Something You Can Do Right Now To Help

Greetings, I am putting this post up on both the blogs because I'm going to ask you all to say some living prayers here. Now if you've been reading these blogs for a while you know to ask for the most benevolent energies to be present, available and all around and about you and wait a couple of minutes. And then if you would care to say slowly the following living prayer.

You might say, "I am asking that all those people and beings who need help whether because of fire, flood, drought or any other cause receive all the help and assistance they need now - benevolently from all those people and beings who can help them." Remember if you're saying more than one living prayer to always wait at least 5 minutes between saying them.

Here's another one you could say if you're so inclined, "I am asking that the fires cool no matter what their cause, no matter where they are to the point of being only light and benevolent light at that. And that the floods calm to the point where they are only nurturing and supportive. And that the anger subside to the point where it is only stimulating, enjoyable conversation."

You may also say if you choose to participate, "I am asking that the hearts of all beings open to each others needs and fulfill those needs in the most benevolent way with the greatest co-operation and kindness you can provide."

Thank you all for your participation. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,
These are thought processes that I have been using for the last week.
They really do help, when you think
you don't know how to help. These processes were in the book Your Immortal Reality by Gary Renard.
They go like this: The secfet of reawakening to your immortality is in mastering not the things of this world, but the way you look at this world.
you can put this on your mirror to say to yourself each day and evening before you go to sleep. " I
am immortal spirit. This body is just an image. It has nothing to do with what I am." You can say this silently to anyone one you meet physical or non-physical. "You
are spirit. Whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released."

jessica said...

robert i need to get in contact with u it is very important can u or anyone who knows how to reach robert have him email me at

Robert Shapiro said...

Diane, thank you for your comment and adding to the contributions here.