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The Wand Position
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Friday, July 27, 2007

When The Right Words Elude You...

When you find yourself in a situation where tact is important you often find don't you, that the right words are hard to come by. Sometimes words that you've said before work just fine. Other times you can feel, can't you, that those words just won't do.

I have found that at these moments it can be helpful - not always but at times - for there to be a benevolent energy present. I'm sure you found this to be the case as well.

You might say a little prayer, you might ask that someone or something be present with you in spirit to help you through that moment. I want to suggest a living prayer that often works in this situation.

I recommend you say in this situation, since you may have to say it to yourself quietly of course or even think it - in this case it's alright - say or think, "I am asking that all those benevolent beings (and if you have a Deity you feel good about, put that name in here) come now in their most benevolent form and provide love, inspiration, calm and a feeling of benign and benevolent co-operation and friendliness that this now state of being be comforted."

Now you say, "...state of being..." because it includes you and you may not even know who else it includes for the other person or persons may be upset about things you don't understand. Perhaps because many others are involved.

These times call for tact for many reasons. One of the most profound is that we don't always know whether the people we are speaking to understand the nuances of the way we speak. They might conceivably be speaking your language as something that is not their native tongue or because of so many dialects that exist in the world to say nothing of within your language.

It's so very easy isn't it, to say something that is a compliment from your point of view that might be taken as an insult to others. Perhaps you've had that experience - it's frustrating isn't it.

So remember, when you say that living prayer you're asking for energy to support you and to support the situation even though you may not have a clear picture of that situation at that point. Wait and see if you feel the energy. If you don't then perhaps it might be better to reserve your comment for another time.

If however you feel your comment may be pressing or urgent and possibly even life saving - then simply when you're at the point of pausing, after you've said the living prayer, wait for at least 1 minute if you can. Then say your comment in the simplest possible way with the fewest words possible and enunciate to the best of your ability. In this way, you will have made your best effort and that's all you can do. Then let it go and don't bring it up again if you can help it unless you feel at another time that it may be a life saving situation.

I'm bringing this up today because I feel that there are so many situations in which tact is not used simply because of a feeling of urgency or because in our world which has become so commercialized we are trying to find the best means of speaking, not just the best words. At times like that I've found that feeling and a good feeling broadcast by you can make a lot of difference.

So, add this to your general advice file and follow your heart. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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