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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Our Expanding Capabilities

In the beginning of this project where we all live now on Earth there was I believe, a co-ordinated effort to establish a beachhead for sorting out thought - feelings in the physical world. Not just to superimpose one over the other or to compete but rather to extract the best of both, combine them and turn out a hybrid human being who could think and know and feel and know simultaneously.

I feel that we are progressing very well on this project and I feel that even though we are surrounded by complicated technology, some of this technology helps us.

Granted, some of it is overwhelming and we will at some point turn away from it or it will become so automated and reliable that it will run largely by itself. However there is some technology that helps us to discover our true natures by responding to us in ways we can discern and interpret in support of our physical well being.

Some of this technology offers feedback for us to check our stress level. Some of it unites us in communications. Some of it helps us to organize and assemble structured social systems so that we are able to see our common ground clearly as a global society.

I believe that within 1 or 2 generations we will achieve the goal set out for us - to be able to think and know and feel and know simultaneously offering us checks and balances so that we will have more than one way to know what is for us and what is for others as I've stated before on these blogs.

My feeling is that this is not a pipe dream and it is not something that is overly technological. I believe that we will not require any external mechanical devices or technological devices to learn these things but our technology will be available to support us by making it available to have international networks as we have now.

This, as I'm calling it, hybrid human being will be simply generations coming up now or soon to arrive who will be born to the technology in existence and take it for granted and will also arrive with highly attuned feelings and thought capability. Don't be too surprised if you find that the feeling aspect is stronger.

I believe that this has always been the case and in the past human beings have been able to use instinct, as I have talked about extensively here on these blogs but now with our attention to thought and its functions we will be able to moderate thought without sacrificing it and we will also be able to accommodate thought into feelings.

We will feel and know and we will be able to think and know more or we will think and know and be able to check with our feelings to make sure that it is so. We are close as a society globally to being able to do this now.

I just wanted to share this with you because my feeling strongly is that we have almost arrived and this arrival will herald an improvement of life for all human beings on this planet and will help us to value all other life as we can connect more than one way.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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