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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Being Who You Really Are, Part 2

Now last time I talked about how it might be of value to project your true personality even in awkward or uncomfortable situations.

So, this time I want to give you specific suggestions and instructions for the homework. Not in front of a mirror, go ahead and say a few things out loud the way you might normally say them. Say in an awkward situation - say someone comes up to you at a bus stop and asks you out in some way that's offensive, as many of you might be approached. Male or female, it happens - and at the very least it can be awkward if you're not attracted to the other person to say nothing of the fact that it's impolite because you don't know them and they don't know you. In that case you see, if that is so - or they might do so in an offensive manner - that happens.

You could simply get mad and yell at them but you don't know who they are or whether they are entirely of sound mind. So, this is what you do to practice in your homework, I'm going to give you a couple of lines and you can write a few more for yourself. The first line is, "Stand back." That's all. The second line is, "I am completely comfortable on my own." That's all.

You understand these are not necessarily things you would say to people but they are designed to bring out qualities within you.

Then I'm going to suggest that before you do your homework you ask to feel as much physical confidence, strength and sense of your own personality as possible. Then wait for a moment or two and see if you feel different physically. Remember you are alone doing this so nobody's watching, nobody's going to laugh. Then say the first line.

Remember that if you are in an actual situation like that your natural reaction is to be frightened or angry and it's alright up to a point to display that but the way to display it is with feeling, not with words you see. Words can be provocative to someone who might say something like that to you - make some wise crack or come-on you understand but with a certain amount of feeling, strength, confidence, self-assuredness - and those are feelings I want you to practice - then you can emanate certain qualities.

Now I grant that if you are strong, if you have physical capabilities to resist something like this or even in the case of something said in jest or even partially in jest, the best way to deflect it is to make a jest back perhaps but there are times when you don't feel like it. So - I'm suggesting that you write some lines for yourself. Very simple, things that you'd like to say. Practice those feelings of confidence.

I'm not suggesting that you go out and do this in public because this homework isn't intended to give you ways to defend yourself or to specifically give you ways to feel safe though I have produced a book on that subject.

What I do recommend is that you consider this to be confidence building. The whole point of this post and the last one is to be able to feel confident enough to demonstrate your own personality without a mask in awkward situations.

I may say more about this in time but I'm giving you this homework now so that you can work on it and if you know others following this blog or my other to help each other to practice in this way.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert. I really appreciate your thoughts on this subject. I am allowing the real me to come through more and more. I am starting to use my intuitive skills to help others, and to help them open up to their own inner guidance. For the last two years, I have had the opportunity to just "be," read and learn. My husband is very sweet and supportive. I've been debating how to tell others, who've seen me in a totally different way, what my real path is all about. Sometimes it's hard to explain when people have such different realities. Some relatives are mostly in their heads and not awake yet. I'm tired of not feeling safe and being laughed at. I would like not to get angry and just feel accepted for who I am. Thanks for listening, Robert.

Robert Shapiro said...

Greetings Anon, thank you for your comment. I feel that you have a great deal of company in this situation though you may not be in physical contact with them.

Try to remember, once upon a time as you referred to how you felt and how nervous it made you when other people behaved as you are now. This is a lesson in patience as I know you are aware of and it is a lesson we all face coming here.

I can remember, way back yes but I can remember when I though the idea of being interested in anything along these lines that are expressed on this blog and other places was crazy - simple as that. I thought it was even silly but my main reaction when I remember closely was that it made me nervous. It made me jumpy, if you know what I mean and my reaction to that was derisive.

I feel that very often when we as human beings get jumpy about things that our defense system of being derisive comes out.

I am very glad for you that your hubby is supportive. This island for you is most important isn't it.

If you remember that this is a lesson in patience and nothing else then you will not lose sight of the fact that you have many others with you going through the same lesson in their ways.

They will awaken in their own time. Seek out friends who are more like you so that you have people with whom you can relax and feel a sense of ease and allow those who have not yet awakened to sleep. Some day, like you - they will awaken.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Robert. Patience is my lesson. You touched my heart with your reply. Thank you for sharing
your knowledge and for your service. I always reach out to your site when I need some help. I'm smiling now. Goodlife, Robert. Goodlife!

Robert Shapiro said...

Anon, you are most welcome my friend.


Kirsten said...

Thank you, Robby! I was looking for a confidence building post in one of your blogs and came straight here, and found this to be particularly appealing in so many ways for me. Goodlife