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Monday, November 13, 2006

Our World - Our Community

Once there was a time when the natural creation of family came from afar and provided the glue to hold peoples together. This concept and experience of family has always been intended to provide bonds, kinship and a sense of belonging - we all know this.

Somewhere along the line we became more insulated and perhaps even insular and the concept of greater community may have been misplaced but not lost.

I feel that, even though in these times we sometimes are unable to see greater community it almost always emerges during times of great urgency and sometimes during localized disasters as well.

There is an energy just below the surface which I feel is coming to be more noticeable. I feel it will be seen first in the family, then in the neighborhood, then in the community and will spread all over the Earth.

One of the most wonderful things about our planet is the variety we have to share - different peoples, different cultures, different foods - yes, different social attractions and the variety of the animals and plants as well.

Some day there will be travel between planets and I know that our planet will be known as the place of variety and especially a place where a visitor can come and no matter what their society is like at home, that they will be able to express themselves individually in benevolent ways and be accepted and appreciated for their unique talents and abilities.

Our world is becoming smaller every day - we are around many different kinds of people. We have the opportunity to enjoy other cultures and we also have the opportunity to share our own culture. Lets appreciate this variety in food, in family, in culture and ultimately in the bonds of kinship we will form as friends and ultimately as global community.



Patrice Julien said...

Dear Robert,
I agree with you in some points but I also believe that this feeling of community requires us to go through a deep sense of identity and unicity.

I feel that it's only when we are able to experience and accept the limits of our personal sacred space that we can feel real acceptance of others. If our world is still mixed up and under dependance and we try to have a sense of community it is very often a dangerous illusion.

You wrote somewhere in one of your blogs recently about letting people face some situations by themselves and not try to impose our solutions.

One of the reasons the traditional family desagregated was because the older generations tried to impose their truth to the new one so the young had to leave to experience their own dreams.

The result is that the old energy became cut from a biological environment of rejuvenation. Without interactions with the young generations and their dreams older people felt really old and just waiting for death.

All separations come from an abuse of identity (trying to impose our identities to others). Once we understand every cell of the body is unique and should be left free to experience it's original story, the illusion of separation will be ready to melt .

Yes, as you said this time is potentially close to us but what is happening effectively is a stronger sense of separation than ever...

Access to ourselves requires going through an absolute sense of loneliness and not so many people feel ready to assume it...

It's why a false sense of community can become an escape...

Sorry Robert for such a noisy post...I very often play the part of the bad guy...Hahaha...


Lynilu said...

Not only is our world becoming smaller, but as Eileen noted on my blog, things are speeding up, as well. I've noticed both, at least in my experiences of late. I'm trying to absorb this and know how to let it all work for and with me. If asked a few years ago, I'd never have guessed so much new, wonderful and dazzling would be going on in my life at this age. It's an amazing world.

Robert Shapiro said...

Lynilu, thank you for your comment. Your right that Eileen has been speaking of these matters and accurately as well.

For myself I would have to say that given the nature of the peoples alive today to interact with these times, including yourself, that I feel we can make contributions.

We cannot of course, as individuals only, be able to do everything for everyone however we can in co-operation with others make our contribution as I'm sure you are.


Robert Shapiro said...

Patrice, it is a little difficult to consider you a bad guy when you present the present as it is experienced in our world with such clarity.

I grant that many of your points are absolutely so, however as you know my post had to do with some day - meaning coming in the future which you also have granted in your comment.

My comments also have to do with feelings. You know the feelings of anticipation that you get when something is coming but is not physically present.

It reminds me sometimes of an aroma wafting out of a kitchen - whether in a restaurant or in a home that stimulates not only memories but also a feeling of good times to come. Lets just say that my post represents the aroma of a benevolent future to come. Thank you again for your most insightful comments.


Patrice Julien said...

Thank you Robert for your kind comment...

I understood very much your positive anticipation and I really appreciate and respect the work you do here but sometimes I see people in the "New Age" stream who stay in the aroma stage...and never enter the kitchen to cook a pie...

I feel not only the aroma is here but all the ingredients for the Paradise... We stand in the kitchen already. Our own kitchen. The Long view is good but the Short view is the starting point, I feel.

How can I bring peace to the world If I do not deeply build peace in my world? People look at politics, wars, problems, judge, comment, try to fix the way things happen...And more people try to fix the sense of community more we get confused...

My a bit "out of tune" post was a way of saying that our simple own pleasure is the radiation of an Happy God, and it's not to come, it's whenever we choose : hugging a kid, smiling to somebody in the street, patting a pet, cooking a stew...

A big hug Bob!

Robert Shapiro said...

Thank you Patrice for the style of your writing, for its quality, its clarity and its beauty.

Goodlife to you and yours.