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The Wand Position
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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Working With The Trees, Part 2

I have talked to you before on this blog about the rain, about the sun and recently spoke to you about working with the trees. I'd like to give you a little more on that.

There are places that have more rain then they need. Now you have to allow for the fact that if this is a desert or even a high desert and you're getting a lot of rain perhaps that's a good thing and I don't recommend that you interfere with that too much since, as you well know if you live there, your wells need to be filled and the deep water sometimes takes a while to be refreshed.

However, if there is an ongoing rain cycle and there is flooding and much suffering then this is what I recommend you do. I'd recommend that you find a tree - perhaps you already have a favorite one that is big and old or at least old so it is experienced and might feel comfortable working with a human being.

It might be best if you have found this tree and worked with it already but if not then seek out such a tree and see if you can feel a sense of compatibility - meaning you feel good about the tree and you get a good feeling standing in front of the tree from the tree itself.

Remember - say, "Goodlife" to the tree out loud. You can say it quietly if you want to and then see how you feel. If you feel comfortable, then that's the tree to work with. If you feel slightly uncomfortable, then the tree is busy and go on to the next one until you find one that feels comfortable.

This is what I recommend you do. Stand about 6 to 10 feet away from the lowest bough of the tree so there is enough space between you and the tree. If there are no low boughs then stand at least 10 to 12 feet away from the tree trunk.

Then first do this - ask out loud - you can do it quietly if you like - that all of the benevolent energies, Deities if you choose and other benevolent loving beings be with you energetically so as to allow you to feel the greatest and most benevolent energy that is comfortable for you.

Wait a moment. Some of you might feel something. If you do that's wonderful - wait until the energy quiets a bit in your body - if you don't feel the energy, then wait about 30 seconds to a minute and say this Living Prayer, "I am asking that the sun emerge benevolently on this place shining its life giving energy and that the rain return once again when needed by all of us here."

After you say that, wait for a time. Some of you, as I say, might feel some energy and if you do - wait until it completely fades. For those of you who don't feel energies at this time, then wait 2 to 5 minutes. Just look at the trunk of the tree - try not to think.

After that time you can then turn - if possible, take one or two steps backward - you can look over your shoulder to make sure it's safe and then turn to the left until you are in the direction you wish to go and then you can leave.

As I've said before, you turn to the left because that's the way the world turns. This is what I recommend for your second opportunity, as advised here, of working with the trees.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

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