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The Wand Position
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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What Do You Want...

What are the qualities of personality that you wish you had. You may feel good about yourself right now and that's wonderful but for those of you who feel that you wish you had some other qualities or even qualities of a physical nature this is what I am going to suggest for you to do.

First consider - are these qualities that would actually cause you to feel better about yourself and your life as it is now?

Give it some consideration because the name of this blog is Benevolent Magic and magic is what we do here.

After you've given it consideration then pick one that you feel the most sense of urgency about.

I'm going to suggest a Benevolent Magic you can say but you will have to fill in the part that has to do with what you want. Remember, state it in a way of what you want - not what you don't want - always say what you want or what you need. In this case it would be better to state that you need it if you feel you do.

This is what you can say for starters, "I request that I now experience (and then you fill in what you want) in the most benevolent way for me and that as a result of my acquiring this I will experience the most benevolent outcome."

Say that just once. Try to say it when you are calm, relaxed and not harried and preferably for it to be quiet. So if you can turn the ringer off on the phone or turn off any noise that would be helpful.

Then I'd like you to consider - where did you get the idea about this quality. Was it something that you saw. Was it some thing or someone that you envied.

Recognize of course, I'm sure that you do, that when you see such qualities on other people - even though it might be a quality or a quirk of personality, that those people are a whole package and you don't know what struggles they may have in their lives even if it is not apparent to a casual observer.

Still, this is what I recommend you do as a follow up. It is better to do this in a fictional situation - meaning make up a story - that way it causes no interference with other people.

So consider where you saw this quality or this type of personality and make up a little story in your minds - in your imagination - you understand - and don't involve real people that you know but you can imagine someone having that quality.

Make them a friend of yours - so it's a story you see. Then in a story just picture yourself - you and the other person with the desired quality in the same room.

Then sitting in the same room you would feel a sense of blending. Don't if you would, remember it's a made up story, don't if you would superimpose yourself over the other person or superimpose the other person over you but rather feel a sense of blending at a distance.

How do you do that? I will tell you how. Imagine a gold light in the room - some of you will see a crystal ball, others will simply see an orb. You extend - don't go out of your body just extend into the orb - then have the other being do that as well. Be in there for about a moment - 30 seconds tops - then pull back into your body, end the story and that's it.

The reason I don't have you involve the sun on the earth and the reason I'm having you do this as a story is that it would be very easy to unintentionally interfere with somebody else's life and it would also be very easy to unintentionally cause harm to your own life but if done this way as a story it can simply amplify the potential of your experiencing some version of what it is that you want.

It may not be exactly what you ask for so don't be attached to that and make sure when you say the Benevolent Magic that the word benevolent is stated so that you don't wind up attracting something to yourself that would involve difficulty or discomfort.

Well that's my little magic lesson for today. Give it a try and make sure when you ask for something that it's something that you've considered - alright - something that you've considered and it feels all right and safe.

Goodlife to you all and goodnight.

As a follow up, for those of you who have difficulty making up stories and seeing them in your minds eye - feel free to use fictional characters from books, magazines or even cartoons. That is perfectly alright as well. Goodlife.

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